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The Wahhabi Belief System EXPOSED

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Today, what the international community knows about Wahhabism is just one aspect, and that aspect is terrorism. What they know of Wahhabism today is that they want to rule the world, that they are enemies of Christians, Jews, the United States of America, Europe and England.

I want to tell you the religious crookedness of Wahhabism: how they polluted the religion of Islam.

I’ll explain how they destroyed the belief system of a common Muslim - a belief system which was carved by Prophet Mohammad and, later on, aided by his Companions, saints of God and spiritualists.

I would like attention of people also who are on the way to be Wahhabis. Listen to this.

Wahhabis think that Allah can lie. Some Christians and atheists now refuse to take any explanation from moderate and Sufi Muslims in defence of Islam. They say, ‘According to your religion, you can lie. So what you are saying now is a lie. We don’t believe you.’ When we say, ‘Islam is not a religion of terrorism,’ they reply, ‘You are lying.’

People need to understand that this lie is not part of Islam. This is the first principle of Wahhabism: it is not [just] that they can lie; they believe Allah lies. Evidence of this can be found in Fatawa-e-Rashidiya, Volume 1, page 19.

‘Allah does not know beforehand what his creations would do. Allah comes to know of their doings only after they have done something.’ - Tafsir Bulghat Ul Hairan, page 157.

Then what about the Prophetic Tradition in which God said, ‘I am the one who create your deeds,’ good or bad? When Allah created your deeds, then how do you justify saying, ‘Allah does not know beforehand what his creation is going to do; Allah only comes to know once they have done it’? What you have done is an act and all acts were created by God. So he created them but he doesn’t know what he created?

‘Satan (shaitan) and the angel of death are more knowledgeable than the Holy Prophet.’ - Braheen-e-Qatia

This is terrible.

‘The Prophet was not aware of his ultimate fate and of things beyond a wall.’

That is nothing in comparison to what their belief about God is.

‘The kind and amount of Knowledge of the Unseen given by Almight Allah to the Holy Prophet has also been given to animals, lunatics and children.’ - Hifzul Imaan 

This is sarcasm.

I request all Wahhabis to listen to this carefully. How can you insult your Prophet? Do you insult your mother and father at home? No, because you have so much respect for your parents. So this is what is being taught to you as ‘purest form of religion,’ Wahhabism. This is rubbish.

‘Even the thought of the Holy Prophet occurring during Salat (worship) is much worse than to be immersed in the thought of an ox or a donkey.’ - Sirat-e-Mustaqeem, page 86.

They are trying to say that the thought of Prophet Mohammad is worse than thought of a donkey. Is this Islam?

‘The appellation, “Blessings for all mankind,” is not exclusive attribute of the Prophet Mohammad.’ - Fatawa-e-Rashidiya

I think this is a joke:

‘The Holy Prophet Mohammad learnt the Urdu language from Ulema-e-Deoband.’ - Braheen-e-Qatia

This is their belief system.

‘The Prophet Mohammad should be respected as an elder brother.’ - Taqwiyatul Iman, page 58.

‘If Allah so wills, he can create millions upon millions of the likes of Mohammad.’

This is them trying to prove that Prophet Mohammad is nothing special.

‘After his death, Mohammad has mingled with dust.’ - Taqwiyatul Iman, page 59.

‘All prophets and messengers are worthless.’ - Taqwiyatul Iman, page 29.

‘It is not necessary for a prophet to be free from an innocent of every lie.’ - Tasfia Tul Aqaid

Although, according to the divine law, every prophet is innocent.

‘A prophet should be praised only as a human being or even less. The bigger ones (that is the prophets) and the lesser ones (that is the rest of the creation), but all are without knowledge and all are ignorant.’ - Taqwiyatul Iman

‘It is permitted to call a prophet as a satan.’ In what kind of Islam is this permitted?

‘A prophet holds the same status amongst his followers as a landlord in a village.’ - Taqwiyatul Iman

‘Whosoever is named Mohammad or Ali has no authority over anything. A prophet or saint can do nothing.’

‘The Holy Prophet Mohammad had lost his wits.’

This is what [Umar bin Khattab] said. If Shias swear at [Wahhabis], they are justified in doing so.

‘A follower can apparently excel his prophet in deeds.’

‘It is satisfying to say, “La Ilaha Illallahu Ashraf Ali Rasool Allah.”’

‘Celebrating Mawlid un Nabi is like the Hindus celebrating the birthday of their Kanhaiya.’

‘The Holy Prophet Mohammad and the Dajjal (Antichrist), both are blessed with life.’

Then they say, ‘The traits which characterise the Holy Prophet are shared by the Dajjal also.’ God forbid!

The Wahhabis have left no stone unturned in blaspheming Prophet Mohammad - and they are the ones that trap Sufis in false cases, alleging that the Sufis blaspheme Prophet Mohammad.

‘The Holy Prophet Mohammad may wish for something to happen, but that is of no consequence. Believe in Allah alone and do not believe in anyone except him. Before Allah, all prophets and saints are insignificant, specks of dust.’

‘It is right to call prophets as your brother.’

‘Any Muslim who regards the Prophet or the saints to be Allah’s creation and bondsmen - and yet makes them his advocates and intercessors and calls upon them for help, and gives Nazar and Niyaz - equals Abu Jahl in apostasy.’

‘To eat a well known indigenous crow is a spiritually rewarding act.’

‘To supplicate after funeral prayers is not permitted.’

There are many more but these are some important ones.


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