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Thinakaran Newspaper Interview

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This spiritual system is not aimed at any particular group or religion; it is to benefit all mankind, regardless of their religious background. Everybody is welcome to learn this methodology, because we understand that the core of all religions is divine love, we also understand that Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam etc. these are all good religions, there is nothing wrong with them, but with the passage of time, their spiritual system was destroyed and because of the destruction of that spiritual destruction, people are now practising rituals only, whether they are Muslims, Hindus, Jews etc. you will see people in the mosques, temples and gurdwaras, but you will not see the love of God in their hearts. Our organisation is working on this issue; we call upon people of all religions to continue to practise their religion but at the same time obtain this methodology that of producing divine love so that they can become a better Jew, a better Muslim, Hindu, Christian etc. and this spiritual grace and this practical principality of spirituality is coming from Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi who is believed by many nations to be the Awaited One, Kalki Avatar, Messiah, Imam Mehdi and all the names affiliated with the Awaited One. This new methodology is working for everybody. People are fighting out of hatred; they cannot tolerate existence of another religion, but with this methodology of RaRiaz Gohar Shahi, different religions are coming closer and getting united with the bond of love. This is amazing. We also do spiritual healing; again, it’s free of charge. Everybody is welcome. Now, the question is, why is our message becoming so popular in Sri Lanka. It’s because there have been many masters who have charged people a lot. If people wanted to touch them, they charged them 1 lakh rupees. But we are telling them that God is not a businessman, he is not selling anything. If God was a businessman, he would be very rich, he would sell air, fire, water etc. he would have lost his respect among people. People would say that we have bought our lives; we are on the same level. They will say that they will die whenever they want to die. God won’t be able to exercise his will and accord if he were a businessman. So, God is not a businessman. We represent God, we are not businessmen either, so all of our services are free. Our services, spiritual healing and the knowledge we share with people is all free, it is aimed at helping people, not putting people in another problem. You know we have seen some “spiritual teachers” that demand a lot of money from people just to see them. It’s like somebody is coming for the blessings, but you are putting them in jeopardy. They are already suffering, they are not able to provide bread and butter to their family in a way that they can feel happy without worries but by putting this pressure on people that they will pay many lakh rupees just to get your blessing? We don’t agree with this idea, because we understand that everything that comes from God is free, God doesn’t sell anything, God is not a tradesman, God is not a businessman, God has mercy and love and everything that comes from God is not for sale, it is given to people to bring quality in their life and quality in their trust for God. So our services are free and it is aimed to benefit all humanity, no matter what religion they practice, no matter what language they speak, no matter what is the colour of their skin. It is aimed at all people, without any prejudice, without any discrimination.

How many followers do you have all over the world?

It’s difficult to count, but we have many offices all over the world. In Europe, USA, Canada, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bangkok, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Pakistan, there are so many centres.

How is the response in Sri Lanka?

It’s good.

You had a programme on Sunday, how was it?

It was wonderful; there were more than 1000 people.

They come and talk to you, or what?

I deliver a lecture, initiate their hearts with God’s name and at the end offer them spiritual healing. It is not against any religion, not against Islam, Hinduism, Christianity or any religion at all; rather it is the core of every religion, divine love.

All the religions are the same, only different methodologies. You see what happens is, when all these religions were established, when they were founded, they were in the true form, but with the passage of time, some people brought change and modified the teachings. For example, let’s take Islam, at the time of Prophet Mohammad, there was no denomination, there was no Shia, Sunni or Wahhabi, but now we have different Muslims; some Muslims beat their chest in Muharram, and some people don’t respect humanity at all, such as Wahhabis, they are becoming terrorists. All these things came upon the world later on, by the intrusion of these spiritually illegitimate people, otherwise the principles of Islam are so good. According to Qur’an, Prophet Mohammad was sent into this world as blessing for the entire world, keeping in mind that Prophet Mohammad is blessing for the entire world, how can Prophet Mohammad say ‘go kill them’? It simply means that people did not understand the religion of Islam. There are people like this in every religion. For example, in Hinduism, Gandhi was a wonderful person but then he was killed by a Hindu extremist, so extremism and fanaticism has emerged in every religion, like the Protestants, what has been going on in Northern Ireland and England, the Republican Army are protestants, they have been killing Catholics. This too is extremism; it has nothing to do with religion. It is concoction of their own understanding. We cannot label it with any religion. If somebody is killing somebody else under the label of Islam, people do say that this is an attack from Islam, but that’s wrong, it is from some people who represent themselves as Muslims, but this is not from Islam.

What are your main activities?

Yeah, we give lectures, education, meditation and spiritual healing.

We are barely doing this mission, because we do not ask people for money, we have our internal funding system, but we do our hardest. If we did have some funding system from outside also, we would also do some charity work.

We are working in northern parts of Sri Lanka too.

In reality, if you look at all religions, our message is the core of all religions. We are not talking against any religion, we are not saying that “this” religion is bad and “this” religion is good. 


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