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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Most of the times when people have everything, all the comforts and luxuries of life are available to them, even then they lack inner peace, and when people work, they want to make money, the religious leaders tell them that you are going after material objects, so people get confused. Some people say, make money, live better; but religious scholars say that worship God, money is nothing, but we understand that this is an incomplete message, because working to raise your family, to buy the necessities is not a sin; people should work hard, earn money and provide the necessities of life to their family, but at the same time, they should stay keep connected to God. God does not stop anybody from working or from earning money; this is a wrong concept in many religions. Some people just make money and they don’t want to remember God. Those who are poor, they are always busy trying to raise the standard of their life. The religious leaders say to them that they are running after money, but we understand that this is an incomplete message; the complete message is that God created this body so that we can live here and so that we can fulfil the rights of each human being, especially our family. It is a responsibility to provide provision to his family members and when it comes to keeping in touch with God, it is not this body that will go back to God. This body will either be cremated or buried in this world. It is the soul that God has connection with; our message is to enlighten the soul, and keep doing whatever business you are doing. If you have no money, you cannot live properly. And what happens is, when poverty increases, in some cases, people stop believing in God.  Both lives are important. To earn necessities of life is also an important and integral part of the life, and taking care of your family is not only the right of the family upon you but also a decree of God. The main message that we want to share with people is that in order to connect with God, we have to enlighten the soul, because the soul has no family, no business. The soul is completely free for God. Our body has too many engagements, taking care of wife, mother, father, kids and sending them to school, and earning money for their better future; our body has so many engagements to fulfil, so many responsibilities the body has to accomplish; keeping that in mind, we think putting a burden of pleasing God upon this body is really terrible, but God has shown us a proper way, and that is; God created souls so that they could love him alone. The function of our souls is to love God, alone; without any disturbance and without sharing that love with anyone. This is our message to people, with this body you can take care of your family, make money, live better, and with the soul you can love God and establish your connection with God.

This is not just a speech that we give to people; we provide them with practical approach towards spirituality, enlightenment and awakening of the souls; wiping out the element of hatred from their character, bringing a change in the way they live, bringing a change in their behavioural system, establishing a strong bond of love, between man and God. This happens when the word ‘love’ with all its spiritual life and its entire spiritual domain is implanted in the soul. When the soul is enlightened we are in a spiritual connection with God we become spiritualised and all the negativity that often times effect on our health as well, that negativity is diminished. Most people get diseases because of the disturbance in the atmosphere, because evil spirits enter them.  But when our souls are enlightened, no evil spirits can enter our body and we will gain holistic health, spiritual health and physical health. This is how people are going to be introduced to eternal prosperity.


What can you practically do about this?

Practically, we initiate hearts. We spiritually implant a mantra in the beating system of their heart. The heart is a pumping station, it propels blood, so when that special name of God enters the beating system of the heart, it starts to create divine light and that divine light begins to mingle in the bloodstream and purifies the interior system, and at the same time that light of God which is created in the heart, it awakens the soul. When our body is enlightened with the divine light and our blood is purified, then diseases do not enter, we gain spiritual and physical health and at the same time, that spiritual light which is generated in the heart awakens the soul also and we are connected with God. But this authority and spiritual power comes from Kalki Avataram Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi, without his power and help, it is not possible.

This is not our business. Our services, spiritual healing and the knowledge we share with people is all free, it is aimed at helping people, not putting people in another problem. You know we have seen some “spiritual teachers” that demand a lot of money from people just to see them. It’s like somebody is coming for the blessings, but you are putting them in jeopardy. They are already suffering, they are not able to provide bread and butter to their family in a way that they can feel happy without worries but by putting this pressure on people that they will pay many lakh rupees just to get your blessing? We don’t agree with this idea, because we understand that everything that comes from God is free, God doesn’t sell anything, God is not a tradesman, God is not a businessman, God has mercy and love and everything that comes from God is not for sale, it is given to people to bring quality in their life and quality in their trust for God. So our services are free and it is aimed to benefit all humanity, no matter what religion they practice, no matter what language they speak, no matter what is the colour of their skin. It is aimed at all people, without any prejudice, without any discrimination.

We come here from long distances, we use our own money. We print leaflets, organise programmes, but do not ask anybody for money. People are already suffering.

The headquarters are in London, we have in offices in Greece, America, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Bangkok, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc.

We have Jews in our organisation, we have Hindus in our organisation, we have Muslims, Christians and people of all religions; people are coming into the fold of love. They love each other, no matter what religion they come from. His Holiness RaRiaz Gohar Shahi is for everybody, not for any one particular group of people. So this message is going to all nations and religions, leaving behind all discriminatory restrictions.

We are trying to contribute to the Sri Lankan society, because Sri Lanka has recently seen a lot of hatred and has been through hard times. What happens when terrorist activities are going on in a country, people want to take care of hatred with weapon, no. Weapon is another form of hatred. If you want to solve this problem, if you want to wipe out hatred from the hearts, you are not going to be able to wipe it out from another form of hatred. You need love. The opposite of hatred is love. Everybody wants love, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Hindu, and Jew etc. they all want to love. But when they try, they fail, because the devil does not want us to do that, so we fail in our efforts. Everybody wants love, but only a few people can give love. Ask anybody, even the terrorist will say, I need love. But the question is, everybody wants love, but how many people can give love? You don’t need purification to demand love, but you need purification to give love. People want love, but they give hatred, because love comforts the hearts and the life. People are very quick in receiving and demanding love, but when you give love, you have to make sacrifices; when the hurdle of the devil is removed, by virtue of adopting spirituality, then we love and share love. What people need is love, when love is implanted in hearts, all discrimination will go away, then we will understand whether you speak Tamil, Sinhala, Urdu etc. but the soul is the same.

We believe that Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi is the true manifestation of God’s love, and this message is going across all societies of Sri Lanka. Our mission is reaching even Jaffna, which is the affected area. People who were not able to sit together, now after this mission was introduced to them, they love each other. This is a good sign, a good change.

Respecting one nation is not respect, respecting all humanity is. Our following is now getting into millions in many countries.

I understand those who have kept themselves deprived of spirituality; they are not loving souls, whoever they are. Libya, Saudi Arabia, Middle-East, the people in these countries think that they are the best among all, their behaviour is not good with human beings, this is because they are affiliated with spiritualised. If you are not connected with God, you do not respect humanity.

His Holiness Gohar Shahi says that all are equal in God’s eyes. Only those are good in the eyes of God, who love humanity.

I would like to say to everybody that Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi is the Awaited Personality. His images are visible on the Moon, the Sun, Maha Shiv Lingham, this is a divine announcement that this personality is now here to bring a smile on everybody’s face. To unite and unify the entire humanity and make everybody enter a religion of love, a religion of souls; where there is no hatred, discrimination, where there is nobody better than the other. That is my message.


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