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The True Explanation of Deen-e-Hanif and Deen-e-Ilahi

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The following is a translation of HH Younus AlGohar's speech.

Prophet Abraham was a follower of Deen-e-Hanif. There was no Islam at the time, so how can Deen-e-Hanif be Islam?

The word ‘Hanif’ is the plural form of the word, ‘Hanafa.’ There is the literal meaning and then there is the historical meaning.

If you look into history, you will see that the worship of idols dates back to the era of Adam, the Eminent One. The worshipping of idols began after Adam’s two sons fought because of a woman. The father of Abraham was an idol-worshipper; he used to make idols but God made Abraham a prophet.

Today’s Muslims have this misconception that the prophets before Prophet Mohammad were also Muslims. If this is the case [for you], then you are destroying your tenet and rejecting the prophet-hood of all other prophets, which was granted by God. Islam [the religion] was established by Prophet Mohammad at the end. Verses in the Koran say Abraham was from among the Muslimeen, which many sects assume to mean that Abraham was a Muslim [who follows Islam]. ‘Muslim’ is not only one who believes in Islam; the word Muslim has its own meaning. ‘Islam’ is does not just refer to a religion, it also has its own literal meaning.

First of all, previous prophets were not followers of the religion of Islam. Were they Jew or Christian? No. 

The prophets are not followers of the religion they establish. It is very important to know here that the greatest message all the prophets, sent forth by God, gave to their nations was of the Divine Oneness of God (Touheed). All of the religions that were established through Divine Inspiration, their principle theme is the Oneness of God.

The religion Adam established was based upon the Oneness of God. The religion Abraham established was based upon the Oneness of God also. Moses, Jesus and, at the end, Prophet Mohammad also spoke about the Oneness of God. On the other hand, some religions were created by man in this world; through such man-made religions, one cannot reach God. Only religions established by prophets through Divine Inspiration can take one to God.

The specialty of all the religions, upon which the foundation of their tenet is built, is the Divine Oneness of God. The Sharia (religious law) in a particular religion was established according to the temperament of the people of the nation it was sent to. The Sharia of each religion is different; the Sharia established by Adam, Moses, Jesus, Abraham and Prophet Mohammad were all different. The purpose of Sharia is to refrain one from sins, teach one not to be unjust, explain how to worship, etc.

If any religion has the principle theme of Divine Oneness, you should know that it is a true religion, and must have been established by a prophet of God.

Therefore, Abraham was known as the Father of Prophets. Currently, there are 4 major monotheistic (those who believe in one God) religions in the world. ‘Mono’ means one and ‘theist’ is related to God. When you add Sharia to the Divine Oneness of God (Touheed), you get a religion.

What Exactly is Deen-e-Hanif?

There were people who did not accept any religion but believed in the Divine Oneness of God. They tried to find and obtain God without any religion; they were followers of Deen-e-Hanif.

Many interpreters translated ‘Hanif’ to mean truthful, but this is the metaphorical meaning. When it is explained without the hypothetical meaning, misunderstandings take place.

The historical meaning of ‘Hanif’: one who seeks God without entering into any religion but believes in the Oneness of God.

In the Koran, God says that Abraham was not a Jew or a Christian; he was a follower of Deen-e-Hanif. It means there was no religion [at that time]. Abraham was a believer in the Oneness of God from the beginning, even when his father used to create and worship idols. Jesus was also given the knowledge of the Oneness of God. If you say all those who believe in the Oneness of God (Touheed) are Muslim, this is wrong.

Belief in Oneness of God without any religion is Hanif and belief in the Oneness of God with a religion is Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc.

When those who believed in the Oneness of God were given a Sharia it became a religion. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are religions and their principle is the Oneness of God.

What is HDE Gohar Shahi teaching humanity? HDE Gohar Shahi teaches a Hindu to invoke ‘Allah,’ settling God into his heart. A Jew who has become heedless of his religion and no longer knows what the Oneness of God is, HDE is giving his heart the invocation of ‘Allah’ as well. The Muslims, who are busy in physical austerities, HDE Gohar Shahi is directing them towards God. HDE is reviving the hearts of people with Divine Light, without entering people into any religion. This is Deen-e-Hanif.

The main thing – the soul of a religion – is the Divine Oneness of God.

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi says, ‘There are no shackles of religion. No matter what religion you belong to, once the name of God has entered your heart, you are a man of God.’

When Adam the Eminent One came, there was only one nation and now at the end when Imam Mehdi comes, he shall unite everyone into One United Nation and eliminate all religions [Koran]. Deen-e-Hanif means only God remains; all prophets are gone and only God will be in every heart.

Now Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has brought the entire religion of God down so that everyone can become a believer in the Oneness of God. For those who do not follow any religion, HDE Gohar Shahi has said, ‘For them, I am enough.’

The True Meaning of the Oneness of God (Touheed)

The first stage of Touheed is to declare the Oneness of God with your tongue, which everyone does.

But then the Koran also says, ‘O’ Messenger of God, have you not seen the state of such a person who has made the desires of his Carnal Self his Lord?’

Now, it does not say whether God said this for the infidels or the Muslims. But if you look at the Muslims today, with their tongue they do say, ‘God is one,’ but their actions show otherwise. In Pakistan, people commit fraud, cheat and take bribes; they are enslaved by their desires. They do not practically believe in the Oneness of God. It is just confined to their tongue. Their hearts are full of worldly desires.

A real believer in the Oneness of God does it practically. If God is one and he is your Lord, then only God should be in your heart and all else should be eliminated.

In reality, belief in the Oneness of God is to eliminate all from within you for except God. To rid yourself of all desires, the devil in - and bringing God into your heart - is true belief in the Oneness of God.

When God’s Light enters your heart and your heart becomes enlightened with God’s name and light, then you have become a true believer in the Oneness of God and a follower of Deen-e-Hanif.

However, when you have reached God without any religion and have seen God, that is Deen-e-illahi. To eliminate all except God from your heart is Deen-e-Hanif. Deen-e-Hanif is the beginning and Deen-e-Illahi (The Religion of God) is the culmination.

Deen-e-Hanif is to enlighten the inner faculties of the breast with Divine Light and Deen-e-Ilahi is to obtain God and forget about all religions. Deen-e-Hanif and Deen-e-Illahi both are without any religion.

When you follow instructions from the Koran, you are obedient to the Koran. You will become obedient to God when you have completely enlightened your inner and the Divine Light has entered into your bloodstream. When you have become completely enlightened, then you become obedient to God’s Light. When you see God (Deedar-e-Illahi), you see him and he sees you; now it will be infidelity (Kufr) if you obey anyone for except him. When God is in you, it is forbidden that you obey anyone for except him; you will no longer be obedient to any prophet because the prophet themselves are in obedience to God.

Whoever purifies his heart and eliminates all else for except God from within him, if he is a follower a religion, he is a Momin (true believer). If he follows no religion and he does this, then he is a follower of Deen e Hanif. This is why Abraham was a follower of Deen-e-Hanif, not a follower of Islam.

Deen-e-Hanif only existed in the eras when no religions, sent forth by God, existed.

To say ‘God is one,’ with the tongue is useless; you must practically do it, which means you must purify your Carnal Self (Nafs) and eliminate all from your heart for except God. This is not possible without spirituality and the knowledge of spirituality comes from the saints – and saints come within the religions.  

Now if there is no religion, there are no saints. How then can you become a believer in the Oneness of God without a religion?

A common man could not become a follower of Deen-e-Hanif.

The prophets that came, God took the responsibility to purify them; God purified their hearts and Carnal Selves through Gabriel. God sent them to be prophets. When they became purified and enlightened, they were known as followers of Deen-e-Hanif. Therefore, only a prophet could enter Deen-e-Hanif.

The Method of Imam Mehdi

Now, in the era of Imam Mehdi, it is the same condition. There was a time when there were no religions. Now, there is no religion that can take you to God; now, they are all useless. There is no spirituality left in Judaism, Christianity or Islam. You can see the state of Islam today - they call spirituality infidelity (Kufr).

When all religions have been subjected to mischief and no more prophets are to come, God gave Imam Mehdi his own method to enlighten people’s hearts and purify their Carnal Selves without any religion. This is why HDE Gohar Shahi said, ‘Invocation of the Heart (Dhikr-e-Qalb) of all will be the same no matter what religion they practise. When God has settled in your heart, that is enough for you.’

If you become enlightened without any religion and God has settled in your heart, it is Deen-e-Hanif. When you and God become one (Divine Union) then you have entered Deen-e-Illahi (The Religion of God).

Imam Mehdi has arrived and Imam Mehdi’s method is the same as God’s method of giving spiritual benevolence to his prophets. Whoever obtains spiritual benevolence from Imam Mehdi has reached God.



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