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Why Don’t Common Muslims Denounce Terrorism?

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Why in the West do the majority of non-terrorist Muslims not do more to stop ISIS? Many Muslims protest in the streets, but they are protesting against the ‘infidels’ and non-Muslims, but never against terrorism. Why do you think this is the case?

I and my institution, Messiah Foundation International, do not practise any religion and we do not represent Islam. Therefore, we do not know why Muslims do not do that. However, I live in the same society and I can see things; I can understand certain things. The reason why most Muslims in the UK do not come out and denounce terrorism is because most of the Muslims in the West practise the same ideology of radical Islam as ISIS and Saudi Arabia do.

They come from the same faith - but you have to be very precise in saying this: it is not Islam; it is radical Islam which has nothing to do with original Islam.

Very discreetly and secretively, the plague of Wahhabism has been promoted in the entire Western sphere of the world. In the West, we have religious freedom - every citizen is allowed to practise their faith. In Pakistan, and any other Muslim country, non-Muslims may be allowed to practise their faith; however, they are not allowed to preach it. However, in the Western sphere of the world (meaning Europe, North America, Australasia, etc.) you’re allowed to practise your faith and preach your faith. In [most] Western countries, religion is separate from the state; they’re secular governments therefore, so there is no scrutiny over any religious material. Therefore, whatever you are practising and preaching, the Western countries did not seem to be bothered.

Saudi Arabia, under the banner of serving Islam and Muslims, continued to build mosques and Islamic and culture centres. They gave financial help to these institutions. The religious leader of the community was given a lot of fringe benefits. On top of his salary from the mosque, a lump sum of many thousand dollars a month was placed in his pocket [by Saudi Arabia]. Then came, under the banner of preaching the religion of Islam, a discreet, monstrous and cancerous ideology of hatred and bloodshed: Wahhabism.

I haven’t heard of the existence of any Sufi mosque in England. I don’t believe there is any Sufi mosque in the USA either. This is likely the case for Europe as well. There are no Sufi mosques because Sufis do not build mosques. These are the things which Western countries should scrutinise and monitor.

[Governments] talk about money-laundering and where funds are coming from. Do you know that every Friday, there is a donation box passed to every single worshipper in the mosque and he has to contribute? It is done under the label of extending the mosque. People are told, ‘We have more worshippers. Now the mosque is not big enough to accommodate every single worshipper.’ In some mosques in the UK alone, the donation received from the Friday prayer exceeds £50 000.

In England, we have charity organisations. When you are a registered charity organisation, you have to keep account of every single penny that goes in and out. Any expenditure and any money donated to the charity have to be shown in documents which you submit at the end of the year. If there is a deficit, you need to tell the government, ‘This is what was purchased.’

In a month, the profit from donations exceeds £200 000-300 000 in every mosque. Where is that money going? With that much money, if a mosque were really being extended, it would have turned into the Empire State Building by now. This money is going towards buying weapons!

In Pakistan, the culture is different. [People don't expect receipts in return for the money they donate to mosques]. When we came to [the West], we brought with us our culture - vices and everything. A box is taken to every single individual in the mosque. There is no record; people simply throw in cash. There are occasions when the priests in the mosque are eager to get extra money. They incite the women by telling them, ‘This is God’s house. You live in a wonderful house. You have everything nice in your home. Don’t you want God’s house to be at least at the same level as your house? If you don’t have money, don’t worry. Give us your gold and silver.’

So the reasons for mosques to ask for donations can be made up. In every mosque that I went to in my time 20 years ago, they would ask you for donations every Friday. The mosque would be completely fine. It wouldn’t need any refurbishment or extensions; however, they would ask for donations non-stop. The Muslims have some kind of discreet blindfold on their eyes, ears, hearts and brains They cannot tell whether the mosque actually needs an extension; even then, they keep giving away money. They don’t ask the cleric to show them where their money is going.

We have charity organisations like Helping Hands, Muslim Hands, etc. Who knows whether the people running charity organisations are sending the money to buy food, blankets and clothing for the needy people or they are buying weapons and giving it to the terrorists? Nobody knows!

I demand from the UK government to scrutinise the donations collected every Friday in the mosques. If you get a hold of the money which is collected every Friday, the pound will bounce back.

How is it that people who do not have food to eat are holding American and Russian weapons?

There is a place near Peshawar in Pakistan. I heard it from my father: that place is known as Barah. Barah is a black market. Expensive cars are very cheap because there is no registration or tax on them. Any weapon - hand grenades, machine guns, G7s, Kalashnikovs, Assault Rifles - you name it and you have it there. How come ammunition for the use of the national army only, is available in the black market of Pakistan? This is the question.

Some people in the UK who call themselves Sufis or peaceful, moderate and liberal Muslims may come forward and say, ‘We denounce terrorism and Radical Islam.’ Ironically, it is so unfortunate to see that a majority of Muslims who live in the UK practise the Wahhabi ideology of Islam. Even if they do not carry out any physical atrocity, they are discreet sympathisers of ISIS, Al Qaeda and Taliban because they practise the same ideology of hatred and death: Wahhabism.

Here we are. We are a group of multicultural, multi-religious, divine Sufis. We respect all faiths and religions. We love all. We do not specifically practise any religion because we understand the gist of all religions is God’s love.

We respect all religions, but we preach divine love. Whether or not you’re a Muslim or Christian, you still believe in God, don’t you? We’re talking about God. When we talk about prophets and messengers, then comes religion. All the messengers came and left; they were mortal. They came and did what they were supposed to do; they attracted a small minority of people towards God’s message. They struggled all their life.

Adam lived for at least 1000 years and Noah lived for 960 years. They left. Then came Abraham; he too left. Then came Moses; he did what he was supposed to do and left. Then came Jesus. His ministry couldn’t last more than 32 months in total; he had to rush back to God. Then came Prophet Mohammad. Nobody was able to receive what he had to offer. The people he was anointed among were a different species: a breed without brains or human values.

Do you see any charm in Islam, Christianity or Judaism now? Everything is gone. They’re all mortal. God is immortal; therefore, we practise, preach and advocate divine love.

We understand: any violence due to any reason is abhorred and deplorable. We denounce it from the core of our hearts. We do not do this in order to please others but to say the truth and exhibit our heartfelt pain. Our hearts cry when innocent people are killed, whether these innocent lives are lost in the USA or any European country; whether they’re lost in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Israel or India.

We are trying our best as human beings, unassisted. We don’t have assistance offered to us by any governmental or non-government agency or any type of media. We do not see any help from any side. This is not a complaint. This is a sorrow that when leaders of the world - who show as if they care about human values and life - are offered a spiritual and intelligent remedy so that the problems of the world can be solved, they turn a deaf ear on it. Their attitude is so diabolical.

It becomes so vividly evident that these people are just counting on phraseology. They don’t mean what they say in their lengthy speeches. They’re not into saving lives of humanity. They’re in the business of point scoring and photo sessions. Sometimes I am really shocked: within seconds after any untoward incidents take place, there are messages of condolences from all sides of these organisations and leaders. Every time I want to say something, I realise that I am three hours late. They tweet within seconds after the incident happened. This is what they are for; they believe in verbal diarrhoea. [We don’t].

We’re not bothered if the media pays attention because we believe, truly, in the fact that what we are saying to the world today, the time is not far when every single soul on Earth will observe and experience it with the eyes of utter certainty. This is what the world is going towards.

This is a very dark hour; but before dawn, there is always a dark hour. You are going to travel from this dark hour to a darker one. Then from that darker hour to the darkest. Once you are in the darkest of hours, there will be a glad tiding that dawn is about to break. It is will get really nasty before it gets really good.

[Sadly right now], everything is scripted. Nothing is, unfortunately, coming from the heart. If you really genuinely asking me a question why these people do not denounce terrorism, do you denounce terrorism in the fuller meaning of the phrase?

What is about the youth who join ISIS? What is the reason behind that?

[It happens] when people want to do bad and they can’t do it, and then suddenly somebody comes and tells them, ‘Do everything you want to do and you’re still good.’ That is why they are joining ISIS. ISIS is not for Islam; it is for lust, power and women.


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