The Function of Messiah Foundation International

4 years, 9 months ago

Messiah Foundation International is dedicated to promulgation of the advent of the Promised Messiah, Imam Mehdi, and Kalki Avatar. Our task is to herald the Second Coming of Lord Jesus Christ.

God has manifested His Signs in the horizons and upon many terrestrial objects on the earth. We aim to publicise these Divine Signs among all nations and religions. The world may not still be intellectually ready to embrace the alarming signs of the End times, however, we shall continue to endeavour in making these Divine Signs known to the entire humanity.

Hateful souls have always made mockery of God’s Signs. Rejecting the apparent truth isn’t a new pattern. Since the descent of Adam; humankind has rejected God’s Signs. Those who believed in God’s Signs were able to reap spiritual benefits, and please their Lord.

We publicise God’s Signs to the world so that when the awaited hour strikes; humanity does not feel helpless and clueless of the recognition of the Promised Messiah, the Mehdi and the Kalki Avatar.

Jesus Christ is famous as the Christian Leader, Christian Lord and the Saviour. We draw attention of the humanity to recognize Jesus Christ’s universal role in the upcoming future. The prime object of the Second Coming of Lord Jesus Christ is to fight against the Anti-Christ who has already emerged from among the Muslims. The War between the good and evil has already started. Jesus Christ is coming to eradicate the evil from the global society. His Mission is to eliminate the factor of hatred, and establish the Kingdom of Love. He shall rule the hearts of Humanity. The Kingdom of God isn’t else where but in the hearts of His admirers.

In the eyes of God Almighty; all races, all colours, and all nations of the world are equal. No black is inferior to a white, and no Arab is superior to a non-Arab. The only mark of distinction is purification and enlightenment of the heart. A non-religious individual that bears God’s love in his heart is better in God’s eyes than a religious individual whose heart is empty of God’s love.

As we look at the religions and spiritual beliefs of the nations today, we fall into an utter dismay and sheer disappointment. People have developed the tendency of disassociating themselves from God. That is a bad omen. People in the West, has become weary of the religions. We understand this attitude is obvious as the religions have lost their glory. Celestial Books have been modified, Religions have been commercialized, and the worship-places have been politicised in general. However, God has not been modified, commercialized or even politicised; then why should one distance himself from God, or become weary of God?

Some people say that God does not exist, because their prayers were never answered. Some people say that God is a tormentor; hence, they don’t like God. Dear friends, God does answer the prayers provided the prayers reach Him. Today, the prayers are not accompanied by the spiritual power of the heart; therefore they never reach God. God does torment the disobedient people. God does not torment all. That’s the law. The parents also punish their kids when they don’t obey them. The state law also punishes its citizens when the law is broken. If you abide by the law, you shall never be punished.

The Bible says, “One who does not know Love; he does not know God, because God is love.” You will hear this verse in the churches all the time, yet you shall not see love in practice. This is because the Bible is the source of knowledge only; however, the spiritual and practical application of its doctrine comes by the Spiritual Teacher. It is the Spiritual Teacher who maintains the Spiritual System in the religion. Religions became spiritless when the Spiritual Teachers became extinct.

Messiah Foundation International dispenses the  Goharian Philosophy of Mystical Sciences and Divine Love. We render practical doctrine of Spirituality and Divine Love. We implant God’s love in the hearts, and we connect humanity with Divinity. 

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