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Aaj Ke Dor Mein Murshid Kese Talash Karen? | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

How do you find a true Spiritual Guide in today’s day and age, especially when there are so many pseudo-Sufis who have only taken the guise of Spiritual Guides to take people’s money?


- The problem with Muslims today is that they do not have the criteria to recognise a true Spiritual Guide. They worship and recite the Koran but they are unable to find the right path. There are two aspects of Sharia: outer and inner. The Muslims have confined themselves to the outer Sharia and do not turn their attention to the inner Sharia, which would purify their Lower Selves. Sectarianism is rampant and the Muslims have developed a very close-minded attitude towards the religion. When they are unable to recognise true Spiritual Guides, how will they recognise Imam Mehdi?

- The world is very strange. Pseudo-Sufis who are only after people’s money will have millions of followers. In contrast, people are so quick to criticise and disrespect those who give them the practical criteria through which they can recognise a true Spiritual Guide and enlighten themselves. The reason why Muslims are in such a terrible state is largely due to the religious clerics, who have projected such a twisted, superficial understanding of the religion to the public.

Koran 39:22 says, ‘One who has obtained Shahr-e-Sadr (Opening of the Chest) with God’s Personal Name for Islam shall receive divine energy from his Lord.’

- The people who recite the Koran are unaware that Shahr-e-Sadr is the core of Islam. Ask those claiming to be Spiritual Guides to grant you Shahr-e-Sadr, because this is something only a Spiritual Guide can do. No religious cleric or pseudo-Sufi can do this. True Spiritual Guides will, in the first instance, insert God’s name and divine energy in your heart. They will not ask you about how much you worship before they do this.

‘Do not follow those whose hearts I have kept heedless of my remembrance.’ - Koran 18:28

- Ask the religious clerics for proof of their hearts being engaged in God’s remembrance. If their hearts are heedless of the invocation of God’s name, then how would they grant the invocation of God’s names to others? You will not recognise a true Spiritual Guide until you know why you need one - and the reason you need a Spiritual Guide is to obtain Shahr-e-Sadr.

‘Verily! I have sent a model to follow in the guise of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) for those who seek me, [have hope] in the Day of Judgement and who engage in my remembrance abundantly.’ Koran 33:21

- The people who seek God are advised to follow Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and try to become like him. The job of the Spiritual Guide is to ensure that happens. Koran 33:21 is like your charter - if you follow Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), you will obtain everything mentioned therein. To follow the Esoteric Customs of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), you need a Spiritual Guide who will connect you spiritually to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

- A true Spiritual Guide will insert the Motto of Faith that you recite verbally into your heart. He will make your heart invoke upon God. One who does that is your Spiritual Guide.


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