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Sayyidi Younus AlGohar answers a viewer's question about the Realm of Jabroot and how the Day of Judgement will take place there.


Alam-e-Barzakh (The Station of Departed Souls) is located in the Realm of Jabroot. It is divided into two parts: Illiyeen and Sijiyeen. Illiyeen is like paradise. Those whose souls are enlightened on Earth are placed directly in Illiyeen. Those whose souls are not enlightened - no matter how religious they were - are sent to Sijiyeen, which is like hellfire.

Alam-e-Arwah is also located in the Realm of Jabroot. It is where all the souls which are waiting to be sent to Earth reside. It is divided up into neighbourhoods where different types of souls live. For example, there are neighbourhoods for saints, Devout Believers, etc.

Bait ul Mamour is the original worship place where all the souls perform worship. It is also in the Realm of Jabroot.

According to Koran 110:10-11, God will hold you accountable by questioning the souls in your chest. The Day of Judgement will occur in the Realm of Jabroot.

After the Day of Judgement, the Devout Believers will have the power to travel to their destination in the Realm of Malkoot (Angelic Realm). Those who will be granted salvation will be dropped off by the Archangels.

Those granted salvation will enter paradise but will live like servants there. They will not have any desires.


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