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Sayyidi Younus AlGohar answers a question from a viewer who asked, 'What is more important, performing good deeds or being connected to the Lord? Can one obtain proximity to the Lord without performing good deeds?'


According to a Prophetic Tradition, the Companions asked Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), 'O' Messenger of God, how will we obtain salvation? Will it be on the basis of our good deeds?' Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) replied, 'Your salvation will not be on the basis of your good deeds. It will be by the grace of God.' He even said, 'I will also be granted salvation by the grace of God.'

- Good deeds aid your faith and help your faith progress. However, they are not the foundation of your faith. Your deeds are merely proof of your servitude and obedience. You should not neglect the performance of good deeds because there are benefits to be reaped from them. However, the importance should be given to the core of faith rather than good deeds.

- The core of your faith is your relationship of servitude with Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), of you following Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). It is based on a connection with the Prophet (PBUH) which is only established when you are spiritually attached to him. And this is only achieved when the divine energy of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) settles in your heart with the help of a Perfect Spiritual Guide and your heart is connected to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Allama Iqbal said, 'Reach Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) for he is the essence of the religion. Should you fail to reach Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), all your actions are equalled to Abu Lahab's.'

'O' Devout Believers, do not raise your voice above the Prophet's or speak to him as you would others. Otherwise, your deeds will be destroyed and you will be unaware of it.' - Koran 49:2

- Here God is instructing us on how to uphold the protocol of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). People in the past have obtained salvation despite having done questionable deeds - purely because of their love for Prophet Mohammad. However, it is unheard of for someone to obtain salvation on the basis of their good deeds having disrespected Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Not only is the individuality of the Prophet more important but it is the nucleus, the core, the essence of faith.

'O' Devout Believers, do not make use of the word 'ra'ina' in the presence of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).' - Koran 2:104

- The word 'Ra'ina' means concession. When Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) used to deliver lectures, disbelievers would purposefully go to his gatherings to disrupt the speech and confuse the Companions. Their intention was to cause such a ruckus that people there wouldn't be able to hear Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) properly. When they would talk loudly amongst themselves, the Companions would not be able to hear Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Therefore, when asking Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to repeat himself, they would say, 'Give us a concession. Please repeat what you were saying.'

- The word 'Ra'ina' in Arabic can be stretched to change the meaning from 'concession' to 'crazy'. So the disbelievers in the gathering would make a mockery of Prophet Mohammad by stretching the pronunciation of the word 'ra'ina'. This is when God forbade the use of this word entirely. Instead, God said,

'Rather, say: O' Messenger of God, bless us with your merciful glance.' - Koran 2:104


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