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Aarif Billah Aur Muarif Billah | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

Sayyidi Younus AlGohar explains the difference between an Aarif saint and a Muarif saint in this informative video!


- There are two types of sainthood in the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’s Nation: Aarif Billah and Muarif Billah.

- An Aarif’s sainthood relates to his body; the divine theophanies fall upon his body. A Muarif’s sainthood relates to his subtleties; the divine theophanies fall upon his souls.

- An Aarif saint physically offers Salat in the Kaaba (Mecca, Saudi Arabia) whenever it is prayer time, wherever he lives in the world. They go to the gatherings of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) physically too.

- Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) appointed Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani as the Leader of the Aarif saints. Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani is a Ghous-e-Jabrouti/Ghous-e-Azam, meaning that his rank of being a Ghous relates to his soul. He himself is a Muarif saint who was appointed as the Leader of the Aarif saints.

- The Muarif sainthood relates to Moula Ali; he is the Syed ul Auliya. Nobody can become an Aarif without Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani’s approval. Nobody can become a Muarif without Moula Ali’s approval.

- Sheikh Abul Qadir Jilani is not the Peer of Moula Ali; Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is enough for Moula Ali. Moula Ali is a Muarif saint, not an Aarif.


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