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According to a Prophetic Tradition, God created the bodies of all the prophets with clay from paradise.

- God created Adam the Eminent One’s body in paradise with the clay from paradise. Despite being born normally, the bodies of the prophets who came after him were also created with clay from paradise. Just before a prophet would be born, Gabriel would give his mother fruit from paradise. This would serve two purposes: to introduce both divine energy and the clay of paradise into his body.

- The bodies of common people are dense in nature whereas their soul is ethereal. However, the bodies of the prophets are as ethereal as a common person’s soul. On the other hand, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’s body is slightly more ethereal than the souls of all the prophets.

God said to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), ‘I created the heavens and earth for your sake.’

- Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is God’s beloved. He wanted for nothing. The austerity measures that he used to take were not because he did not have enough food or wealth. Rather, he fasted often and consumed less food and drink because he wanted to avoid weighing down his highly ethereal body with the terrestrial food of Earth.

His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi said, ‘Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’s body was created with the Tree of Divine Light.’

- There was hardly any density in Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’s body. Whatever density there was in his body was due to the environment he resided in. The average person’s soul reaches the Realm of Souls; however, Prophet Mohammad’s body is even more ethereal than that, therefore he can access the Realm of Souls physically. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has the Tifl-e-Noori (Body of Divine Light) and Jussa-e-Tofeeq-e-Ilahi (Sub-spirit of God) in his body.

- Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was escorted physically to the higher realms on the Night of Ascension, but this was merely protocol - he did not need any escort to get there. Yes, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) did travel with Gabriel and then upon the Pegasus in paradise but he didn’t need to. When the disciples asked HDE Gohar Shahi how Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) returned on the Night of Ascension, HDE Gohar Shahi closed His eyes and said, ‘Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said, “I closed my eyes and when I opened them, I was back in my bed.”’

‘We have sent towards you divine energy and the Koran.’ - Koran 5:15

- The divine energy mentioned here is Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). There is no means of travel - no angel or Pegasus - that has more divine energy than Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).


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