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Are You Emotionally Aware?

This is the second lesson in His Holiness Younus AlGohar's course on Self-Awareness Level 2. In this lesson, His Holiness explains the importance of emotional intelligence and how to become emotionally aware; how to reflect on positive criticism, how to handle setbacks and master the art of problem-solving.

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Main points:

- The five senses are related to the five souls in the human breast. Due to these souls we have senses and emotions. Animals do not have these senses as they do not possess the relative souls within them. Those who do not get to enlighten their souls face problems or they lose some of the senses because the souls become badly damaged or diseased with evil ailments. This is the reason why such people lack empathy and sympathy for others. It is not the body which has the outbursts of emotions. Emotions are spiritual; you can't see them but you can feel them.

- Being emotionally intelligent means to have the ability to identify and manage your own emotions as well as the emotions of others around you. Mismanagement of emotions is extremely dangerous. In the management of emotional intelligence, the first skill you master is emotional awareness which is the ability of controlling emotions and applying them to thinking and problem-solving.

- You must know when you are being criticised whether or not that criticism is positive and coming from a fair-minded person. If it is true criticism, you must reflect on your actions and deeds. Some people may criticise you for the sake of criticism but it is your duty to differentiate between positive and negative critics as a positive critic is the best of your mates

- There are two types of frustration: original and false. False frustration comes about when you are faced with a problem and you give up before trying to solve it. You immediately seek God's help. This is wrong. God helps those who help themselves. True frustration is applying all your skills and energies and not finding a solution to your problem; when you have exhausted all options, then you may call upon the Lord and you shall be helped. However, there is no room for frustration in a spiritual person's life.

- In order to be emotionally intelligent you must become emotionally aware. Knowing what to do and say when you see somebody is emotionally down and helping them practically is being emotionally aware. Same thing goes for yourself, when you are emotionally down you must not seek isolation. This is because you are shutting people out and it will not solve your problem. You must find a practical solution to your problems by keeping your head cool and telling yourself, 'It is not the end of the world!' There is no problem that cannot be solved.


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