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Auliya Allah Ki Baaton Se Kese Faiz Hota Hai? | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

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Sayyidi Younus AlGohar explains the spiritual process involved in the transmission of thoughts into words. He shows how spiritual benevolence is rendered from saints of God when they speak. He reveals how corruption in the heart affects the words uttered by the tongue in terms of spirituality.

Main points:

- When you listen to a saint speak, you will acquire both knowledge and spiritual benevolence. Whereas a religious scholar will only give you knowledge. HDE Gohar Shahi said that the saints who are Majzoob render benevolence by swearing at people and hitting them with sticks.

- All your thoughts are stored in your mind. Since the thought has to eventually be verbalised by the tongue, it comes through the proper channels. Before the thought can reach your tongue, it travels from your brain to your heart. If your heart has divine energy in it, the divine energy will be mixed with the thought. It will then travel from the heart to the Sirri, from the Sirri to the Akhfah and from the Akhfah to the tongue.

- Whether a saint of God is talking about the Koran and Prophetic Traditions or expressing his own thoughts, you will benefit spiritually from listening to him. This is because everything he says has divine energy mixed with it owing to the spiritual process whereby all thoughts pass through his enlightened heart. Even if he gets cross with you and swears at you, the swear words have divine energy mixed with them when they passed through his heart - so they still render you spiritual benevolence. This is how a Mazjoob's words render spiritual benevolence to people.

- Those whose hearts are dark and filled with corruption, even if they are scholars of the Koran, when the knowledge travels from their brain to the heart, the corruption of the heart will mixed in. By the time it reaches the tongue, it shall become mischief.

Prophet Mohammad said, 'True scholars are those who shall receive spiritual benevolence from my chest.'

Prophet Mohammad said, 'Beware of the ignorant scholar.' People asked, 'How can they be scholars and ignorant at the same time, O' Messenger of God?' Prophet Mohammad replied, 'They are scholars by the tongue but their hearts are ignorant, meaning black.'

- A person who is a scholar by the tongue only and their heart is black, when the knowledge passes through their heart, the darkness and corruption of the heart will be mixed with the knowledge. And that knowledge will become a cause for mischief when uttered by the tongue. When religious scholars with corruption in their hearts began to recite the Koran and Prophetic Traditions, the corruption was mixed into their words, causing mischief and leading to sectarianism.


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