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Bagh e Fadak Ki Haqeeqat | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV


Sayyidi Younus AlGohar explains once and for all in light of the Koran whether the Caliph of the time was correct in taking the Garden of Fadak from Bibi Fatima and using it to serve Muslims.


- Moula Ali was present when Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) gifted the Garden of Fadak to Bibi Fatima. He was also there when the Caliph of the time took the Garden of Fadak from Bibi Fatima saying that it was not hers, but rather the property of Muslims. Despite being in the right, Moula Ali did not argue with the Caliph because his esoteric honour did not allow him to do so over the sake of his own property, especially when the Caliph said that he would use the Garden of Fadak for the Muslim community.

- The Garden of Fadak was obtained by the Muslims as part of war loot. Many of the soldiers fighting for Islam thought that because they were the ones who fought and defeated the enemy, they were the ones with rights to the war loot. It was with this notion in mind that many Companions took items from the war loot for themselves. Those who did so were declared to be hypocrites by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). People asked the Prophet who had rights to the war loot; Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) waited for God to reveal an answer in the Koran.

O' Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), people ask you questions about the war loot.' Tell them that God and his Messenger have the rights to the war loot.' - Koran 8:1

- This means that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has exclusive rights because God is not on Earth. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) gifted the Garden of Fadak, which was war loot, to his daughter. In that era, there was no paperwork so there was no documentary evidence of Bibi Fatima owning the Garden of Fadak; Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) verbally declared that it belonged to her.

- Perhaps it wasn't in the knowledge of the Caliph at the time that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had complete rights to all war loot. He must have also not known that if Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) gave something to his daughter, he as the Caliph had no authority to take it from her. When he took the Garden of Fadak from Bibi Fatima, he blasphemed the Koran and the Prophet. He committed injustice and went against the Koran.


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