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Bain ul Mazahib Yakjehti: Quran Mein 3 Nuqat | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

Sayyidi Younus AlGohar replies to a follower of the Zikiri religion who declared his admiration and love for His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi. He explains the conditions set by God for one to be a friend of God according to God’s three-point plan.


- People who follow any religion cannot think beyond the limits set by that religion. The concept and parameters of religion are very limited. Religion teaches a person two things: The first being how to establish a connection with God and how to become godly. Secondly, religion teaches its practitioner how to live their life in the world. This is so that they are considered good in the eyes of God and the world. How to live in the world and how to behave with people of this world is taught by a knowledge of the religion called Sharia (the religious law). How the connection to God must be established is taught by Tariqat (Spirituality).

- The Koran is very explicit about three points in Koran 2:62: belief in God, belief in the Day of Judgement and possession of Amal-e-Sualeh. If you fulfil these three conditions, then whether you are a Christian, Jew, Sabian or a Muslim, you are like a friend of God in the eyes of God. The Lord will give you a reward from himself. And you shall have no fear or sorrow.

- The Sabians were star-worshippers. So if someone worships the Sun or Moon, God will not dismiss them right away. He will check to see whether or not they fulfil the conditions set by Koran 2:62. If you take note of what God said here, the horizons of your mind will be broadened and you will learn tolerance. As long as your religion enables you to achieve these three points mentioned in Koran 2:62 in you, you are okay no matter what religion you follow.

Koran 26:88 states, ‘Neither your sons nor wealth shall benefit you on the Day of Judgement. Only those who bring with them a Qalb-e-Saleem (Secured Heart) will be successful.’

- It doesn’t matter what religion you belong to as long as you have divine energy in you. Then all people with divine energy are your brothers. This is God’s three-point plan to unify humanity. It does not emphasise the importance of any religion. Your ultimate destination is not the religion - it is God. These teachings are mentioned in the Koran but the only personality who did it justice was His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi.

- God said in Koran 9:28 not to allow the polytheists into Mecca. However, the Muslims banned all non-Muslims. This is how intolerance and short-sighted they are. Whereas in Koran 3:97 God said that he has made Hajj obligatory upon all humanity, not just Muslims. People say that you need to perform Salat to become a Devout Believer, but God made Salat obligatory for people who were already Devout Believers. When a Devout Believer offers Salat then the Salat becomes his culmination.


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