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Can We Fake Our Emotions? | By Younus AlGohar

This is the third lesson in His Holiness Younus AlGohar's comprehensive course on Self-Awareness Level 2: Emotional Intelligence. This lesson teaches us how to understand our emotions, the source of our emotions and the principles of morality.

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Main Points:

- Your Emotional Intelligence will be determined based on how well you are able to identify and know the difference between thoughts, feelings and actions. Actions can be seen, but thoughts and feelings cannot be seen.

- Some people are so clever, they can intelligently beat psychiatrists. The psychiatrists are looking at the symptoms; perhaps they do not know that certain symptoms can be faked. Feelings, actions, and thoughts all can be faked.

- If the source of any emotion is your Carnal Self, it is destructive. However, if the source of any emotion is your heart, it is constructive.

- You need to have a touchstone, with the help of which you can understand different emotions so that you cannot make a fool out of yourself.

- In ethical values, religious values and spiritual values, there is no room for hatred. Whether somebody wishes to be religious or non-religious is their choice, let them do as they please. Why are you affected by his choice? God is not affected by those who don’t accept him. Whether somebody is good or bad is none of your business. God doesn’t look at past or present, God looks at the future.

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