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Dor-e-Ishq Aur Habal Allah | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

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Sayyidi Younus AlGohar explains the three phases of this world, the meaning of the Rope of God and the termination of sainthood. He presents a mind-boggling point about the benevolence of Imam Mehdi.

Main points:

- God divided the timeline of the world into three different eras: the first is the Era of Religion (relating to prophets and messengers), the second is The Era of Mercy (relating to saints) and the last era is The Era of Rapturous Love (relating to Imam Mehdi).

- In the first era, people adopted the religions established by prophets. In the second era, people who were weak in religious practice would associate themselves with saints, whose spiritual concentration would burn their sins. The third era, the Era of Imam Mehdi, is greater than the previous two eras.

- The Rope of God (Habl Allah) was attached to the prophets in the first era and then to the saints in the second era. God didn’t design the Rope of God for the entire world; it was meant to be attached to one prophet in one area who would then guide the entire nation. Only one Rope of God was needed at that time. Sainthood has ended now, meaning that the Rope of God descending from the Higher Realms has been cut off.

- Now, the Era of Rapturous Love has come. Previously, the Rope of God was descending from the higher realms and that one Rope of God was attached to all the prophets, messengers and saints. However, now from the chest of HDE Gohar Shahi, seven Divine Ropes are going forth to the Higher Realms.

- How quickly would one progress in spirituality if they also were to become attached to those seven Divine Ropes? What would be the intensity of such benevolence?


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