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Dunya Mein 4 Qism Ke Insan | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

Sayyidi Younus AlGohar divulges the four categories of human beings in the world and reveals never-before-heard information about himself and his spiritual journey under the auspicious supervision of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi.


- Prophet Mohammad obtained three types of knowledge: one for the common folks, one for the elite and one for just him.

- There are four categories of people in the world:

1. The People of the Ear, who enjoy listening to speeches and recitals of the Koran. They are satisfied by just listening to religious scholars and Qawwalists. Their enjoyment lies in listening.

2. The People of the Tongue. They are not satisfied with listening to speeches and Naats alone. For them, God has appointed Kamil Shariat guides who teach them how to recite Wazifas. This is what they enjoy doing.

3. The People of the Heart. They do not find joy in listening to lectures to engaging in the verbal recitation of Wazifas. For them, pleasure lies in God's name resounding within the chambers of the heart. The Kamil Tariqat Spiritual Guides engage their hearts in God's remembrance.

4. The People of the Sight. They are not satisfied with listening to lectures, recitations or even the invocation of God's name in the heart. Rather, their enjoyment lies in coming face-to-face with God. For such people, God has appointed the saints at the stages of Fana, Liqa and Billah who grant them the knowledge of witnessing the divine splendour.

- One becomes accustomed to spiritual pleasure. That is when you need something more. Sayyidi Younus AlGohar explains that when he first met His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi, he felt immense spiritual pleasure with the revival of the Spiritual Heart and invocation of God's name within. Then one day, HDE Gohar Shahi granted Sayyidi the invocation of the soul and the pleasure changed again. After that, there came a time when each of the subtleties was jumping and engaged in their respective invocations. Sayyidi felt spiritual pleasure in this too, but eventually, the pleasure dulled. Then HDE Gohar Shahi took Sayyidi to the court of Prophet Mohammad, then the gatherings of Prophet Mohammad in the Realm of Angels, then Haqiqat-e-Mohammadi which is situated right in front of the Realm of God's Oneness. Then, HDE Gohar Shahi took Sayyidi to the Realm of God's Throne.

- In the Realm of God's Throne, Sayyidi spent some time at the Point of Oneness (Nuqta-e-Toheed) which relates to Faqr (Spiritual Poverty). He enjoyed it for some time but eventually wanted to progress further. That is when he went to the Point of Rapturous Love (Nuqta-e-Ishq); the spiritual pleasure from that station continues to this day; however, he grew used to this as well. After this, HDE Gohar Shahi embraced Sayyidi Younus AlGohar and performed Spiritual Infusion (Zam) on him.

- Initially, there was a lot of charm and glamour to the Spiritual Infusion; Sayyidi would look at his hands and see them turn into His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi's before his very eyes. He would see his nose or lips transform into HDE Gohar Shahi's. He would hear his voice changing into HDE Gohar Shahi's voice. He would listen to people but only hear HDE Gohar Shahi's voice. There was a lot of spiritual pleasure in this Spiritual Infusion but eventually, he became accustomed to this as well. Then HDE Gohar Shahi performed another Spiritual Infusion upon Sayyidi Younus AlGohar. In the first grade of Spiritual Infusion, HDE Gohar Shahi performed 7 Spiritual Infusions upon Sayyidi to transform his senses, Lower Self and sight. The next level of Spiritual Infusion was Zam bil Zameer which changed Sayyidi's esoteric appearance. The journey through Spiritual Infusion is on-going to date; each level brings with it its own spiritual pleasure which Sayyidi eventually grows used to. He then progresses on to the next level of Spiritual Infusion.


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