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Emaan Aur Amal e Saleh | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV


In light of the Koran, Sayyidi Younus AlGohar gives a detailed explanation of Emaan (faith) and Amal-e-Saleh (Deeds of the Spiritual Heart).


'Those who become Momin (Devout Believers) and perform Amal-e-Saleh (Deeds of the Spiritual Heart), we shall include them among the Sauleheen.' - Koran 29:9

'The Arabs say, "We are Momin." Tell them, "You are not Momin. Rather, say that you have accepted Islam and have become Muslims. Faith has not yet entered our hearts."' - Koran 49:14

'Momineen are those whose hearts have become content in Zikar Allah. Verily! The content of the heart lies in Zikar Allah.' - Koran 13:28

Muslims today do not know that you need a Spiritual Guide who can bring faith into your Spiritual Heart and make you a Momin. Islam's history is filled with great spiritualists like Prophet Mohammad and Moula Ali who knew the art of reviving the souls.

Religious scholars say that Amal-e-Saleh are good deeds like charity work. They also say that one's charity will not be accepted by God unless one is a true Muslim. This is wrong.

'ALM: that is the book free of doubts. It guides the Mutakee (Pure Ones).' - Koran 2:1-3

'Salat is invalid without the presence of the Spiritual Heart.' - Prophetic Tradition

The subtleties are capable of travelling to the higher realms and taking on your appearance. Your souls can do anything your body can do. This is how Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani was able to be in 10 places at once when some of his disciples invited him to their respective homes for dinner at the same time.

The deeds of the souls are known as Amal-e-Saleh.

'Do not worry or be sorrowful. You shall remain dominant so long as you are Momin.' - Koran 3:139

The religious scholars and various sects of Islam lack spiritual knowledge. Their tenets may differ but they are the same inside because they don't have practical spirituality. They are no longer Momin, hence they are being suppressed.

'All Momineen are brothers to one another.' - Koran 49:10

'I am within you. Why don't you look into yourself?' - Koran 51:21

You are lost because your Lord is lost. Find your Lord and bring him into your heart. To do this, you need HDE Gohar Shahi's spirituality.

'One who has discovered himself has only discovered his Lord.' - Prophetic Tradition


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