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EP9 • #LOCKDOWN | Ummat Ki Adalat

With a quartre of the world's population on lockdown, some dimwitted people with a hidden agenda are lurking at the doors of innocents! On Episode 9 of Ummat ki Adalat our guests take on this frustrating issue. Laughter ensues.

Ummat ki Adalat is a satirical show by ALRA TV intended to depict various ways that the Muslim Ummah is misguided by those who claim to be scholars of the religion. Every week, a new burning issue is highlighted before a panel of some of the most prominent religious scholars of our times. The court is overseen and judged by Sufi Master Younus AlGohar.

DISCLAIMER: All guests on Ummat ki Adalat are dummy characters portrayed by actors. No real cigarettes, alcohol or other intoxicants are used on the show. Our purpose is not to mock any community or group.


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