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Hatdharmi: Murshid Ki Nafarmani Kya Hai? | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

Sayyidi Younus AlGohar explains all about the esoteric disease of stubbornness and how it can be cured.


- Stubbornness is an esoteric disease attached with the Lower Self in which the Lower Self does not accept a diet of divine energy. It is the result of one being disobedient to their Spiritual Guide or Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). The cure to stubbornness is to be completely obedient to the Spiritual Guide. People who do whatever they wish despite being given advice are stubborn and, practically, they worship their Lower Self. Your Spiritual Guide will often tell you to do things - even minor things - which you may think are insignificant. However, it is equally important to obey the Spiritual Guide in minor matters as it is to obey him in religious matters.

- To have faith in the Spiritual Guide is to have faith in God. It is the Spiritual Guide who tests you on behalf of God. It is said in regards to the Fakirs, ‘The tongue of a Fakir is the sword of God.’

- Six months after HDE Gohar Shahi completely cleansed my heart and placed the Personal Name of God therein, I started to feel as if my chest was filled with heat. I would want to put ice on my chest but it would immediately melt within 10-15 seconds. Then one day I heard popping noises coming from my chest and all my subtleties came before me. However, my subtleties had taken on new appearances: they appeared to be different elderly men which I later found out to be the Grand Messengers. The Spiritual Heart now resembled Adam the Eminent One. The Human Soul resembled Abraham, the Sirri resembled Moses, the Khafi resembled Jesus and the Akhfah resembled Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). They would come out and advise me about how to follow the Spiritual Guide and how to behave in spirituality. Then I prayed to God to grant me an intense love of HDE Gohar Shahi - so intense that it is nowhere to be seen among the followers of any Grand Messenger. When I would make this prayer, I would see HDE Gohar Shahi’s smiling face.

- One day, HDE Gohar Shahi was sitting in one room and I was in another engaging in the invocation of God’s name. A thought came to me, ‘How can I turn my back to HDE Gohar Shahi and engage in invocation? This is disrespect.’ An esoteric sword came into my hands and the words began to echo, ‘Neither this heart nor this invocation belongs to you,’ over and over again. And with those words, through the esoteric sword, the Personal Name of God was effaced from my heart. That esoteric sword is capable of removing all else but HDE Gohar Shahi from you. It can remove the devil from within and also remove the disease of stubbornness or hypocrisy. I have this sword with me and I can use it on anyone who proves that they genuinely want to belong to HDE Gohar Shahi.

- It takes two hands to clap. Both parties have to be willing in order for you to be blessed. There are some people the Lord wants to bless but that person doesn’t prove that they also want the Lord. But the moment one truly exhibits through their actions that they want the Lord, the esoteric sword will be used to help free them of their esoteric diseases.

- The stubborn Lower Selves are always in the state of Ammarah (Commanding Self). They cannot even be changed by the theophanies of God. They come to the Spiritual Guide but they ask for the world, not the Lord. If you show respect before the Spiritual Guide, your Lower Self will be treated of its illnesses.

- To be a follower of Imam Mehdi and to appear to be a follower of Imam Mehdi are two different things. There are many people who claim to be a follower of HDE Gohar Shahi. However, only those are followers of HDE Gohar Shahi who have His image on their hearts or His name written on the heart.


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