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Hazoor Pak (saw) Hazir o Nazir Kesay Hain? | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV


Sayyidi Younus AlGohar answers a question from a viewer who asked, 'Is Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Hazir-o-Nazir (Omnipresent and All-Seeing)?'


- Hazir means present. Physically, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has been present in the Holy City of Medina. Whereas, spiritually, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) can be present anywhere in the world with the sub-spirits of his Spiritual Heart and Lower Self whenever he so wishes. However, to say that he is present everywhere is a self-fabricated tenet of the Barelvis. The Prophet is not present just anywhere unnecessarily.

- If somebody calls upon the Prophet, 'O Messenger of God, help me', the Prophet possesses the power to be present spiritually and help the person. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) possesses the ability, power and divine permission to be present wherever and whenever he wishes in this universe created by God.

- God is greater than Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and God says, 'I do not look at your faces and deeds,' so would Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) see the things which even God doesn't look at? If the Prophet is looking at a single enlightened heart among millions of hearts, it proves that the Prophet is all-seeing. But this doesn't mean that all those who send benedictions upon the Prophet are under the merciful glance of the Prophet.

God said in the Koran, 'O Prophet! Truly, we have sent you as a Witness, a Bearer of Glad Tidings.' [33:45]

- Now, if the Prophet has been sent as a witness to this world then was that only for the duration of 23 years? Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has always been all-seeing. Those who don't believe this are disbelievers. However, the Prophet is all-seeing only for his true believers. Had he been looking at everybody, he would not have allowed them to be divided into sects. The Prophet is all-seeing upon those who are connected to his heart, whereas, those who are not connected are not being seen by God let alone the Prophet.


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