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Ilm Se Faiz Kesay Hota Hai? | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV


Sayyidi Younus AlGohar explains the spiritual process through which thoughts are verbalised and how spiritual benevolence is rendered through the speeches of saints.


- Thoughts and knowledge relate to the brain. If you hear or read something, it will enter the brain. The Subtlety of Ana is in the brain and its function is to think; the thoughts and knowledge are stored here. The thoughts in our minds will only reach people once they are verbalised. However, our thoughts do not reach the tongue from the mind directly.

- When you want to verbalise a thought in your mind, the thought first travels from the mind to the subtleties of the chest. One of those subtleties, the Akhfah, is linked with the tongue. Before the thought reaches the tongue, it travels to the subtleties which come before the Subtlety of Akhfah. Before the thought reaches the Akhfah and then the tongue, it has to go through the heart.

- Either there will be divine energy in the heart or there will be negative energy and corruption in the heart. Suppose a person has an enlightened heart; when a thought travels from the mind to the heart, divine energy from the heart will be mixed with that thought. The thought would be laced with divine energy when it is verbalised by the tongue.

- If a heart is full of corruption and negative energy, then any thought or knowledge - even the knowledge of the Koran - would be tainted by the corruption and negative energy of the heart when it passes through it. Because of the corruption and negativity attached to it, it would become mischief when verbalised.

Koran 18:28 states, 'Do not follow those whose hearts I have kept heedless of my invocation.'

- People with corrupt hearts will lecture you and give you the religious knowledge but no matter how pure the knowledge is, it will be tainted by the negative energy in the heart and it will come out as mischief.

- A Devout Believer is told to speak less. Speaking emits divine energy so they are told not to speak. The less a Devout Believer speaks, the less divine energy is wasted. Whereas, a saint is instructed to speak as much as possible because he is under the divine theophanies and there will not be a shortage of divine energy.

- His Divine Eminence said that the Beloved's words render spiritual benevolence and the profanities of a Majzoub also render spiritual benevolence. As long as there is divine energy in the heart, no matter what they say divine energy will be emitted. It's not the profanities that render spiritual benevolence, it's the divine energy in the heart. Whether a person whose heart has divine energy uses swear words or recites the Koran, only divine energy will be emitted from their words.


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