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Imam Mehdi Konse Fiqh Ki Pervi Karen Gay? | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

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What Fiqh will Imam Mehdi follow? Will Imam Mehdi introduce a new Fiqh? Sayyidi Younus AlGohar sets the record straight in this video.

Main points:

- Different people connected to God, known as Aima Ikram (jurists), gave their own respective understanding of Sharia known as Fiqh. The Fiqhs from the jurists of Prophet Mohammad’s Household and the Fiqhs from the jurists like Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, Imam Shafay and Imam Malik are all correct. They do not contradict one another because they are the same fundamentally. A Fiqh is elaborated upon at different points depending on the temperament of the nation it is presented to.

- The jurists from the Household of Prophet Mohammad are connected to God. They are spiritually and exoterically attached with Prophet Mohammad as well. Similarly, there have been many pious people and people with spiritual insight who were born in the Muslim Nation who God also blessed. So whether you follow the Hanafi Fiqh, Jafari Fiqh, Hanbali Fiqh or any other Fiqh from the jurists of Islam, it is fine.

- Imam Mehdi will not touch upon any of the Fiqhs because they do not need reformation. Imam Mehdi is coming to correct your Tariqat (spiritual system) which has been ruined. Imam Mehdi is coming to correct the hearts.

Prophet Mohammad said, 'O' Sons of Adam, there is a lump of flesh in your body. If it is corrected, the entire body is corrected. And if it is corrupted, the entire body becomes corrupted. Remember well: it is your heart.’

- Imam Mehdi is reviving this statement of His ancestor, Prophet Mohammad, once again in society. He is reforming people's hearts so that after their hearts are corrected, their bodies automatically follow suit.


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