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Insan Ka Arooj Aur Pasti | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

What is the reason for the fall of man and when does man reach his culmination? Sayyidi Younus AlGohar explains.


- God says in Koran 95:4, ‘Verily, when I created man, I placed my beauty in him. And if I have rejected anyone from among men, then they become the lowest of the low.’

- Man’s culmination is to awaken and enlighten the souls within him and then witness the divine splendour. If those souls which could have been empowered through divine energy to reach God were instead strengthened with negative energy, then man reaches the headquarters of the Devil.

- There are four stages of the Lower Self. Some buildings have a few levels below ground level and some levels above it too. This is how the Lower Self is. If one manages to embark on the spiritual path, the Lower Self progresses from Ammarah (Commanding Self) to Lawamma (Blameworthy Self), Mulhima (Inspired Self) and then Mutmaina (Contented Self). And if the Lower Self obtains negative energy instead of divine energy, its state deteriorates from that of a dog to a snake; from a snake to a cobra and from a cobra to a white snake.

- Once the Lower Self becomes a cobra, it cannot be changed. The Lower Self only goes into decline past the stage of Ammarah when it comes within the grasp of the Devil. If the Devil kidnaps a Lower Self and takes it to his headquarters, the Lower Self begins to change from Ammarah to a snake. Such a person cannot handle a single word of criticism. They become extremely arrogant and egoistic. They think they are better than others and nobody has any value to them.

- It is important to protect the Lower Self. For example, if you have your children play within your house, you can keep an eye on them. But if they leave the house to play with others, they may fall prey to the wrong kind of company. Similarly, your Lower Self leaves your body every night in your dreams. You have no control over it - who knows when it will be taken to the headquarters of the Devil? Therefore you should come to HDE Gohar Shahi so that HDE Gohar Shahi can protect your Lower Self and enlighten your souls, turning you into a man of God.

- If you embark on the path to enlightening the souls, then you will begin to progress. One day you will reach the culmination of man. And if you don’t adopt the spiritual path, one day, God will reject you. In the UK, we put any piece of furniture we don’t want outside our houses - and someone comes and takes it. When God rejects someone, the Devil takes that person immediately. If God rejects someone for his friendship, the Devil immediately takes that person’s Lower Self to his headquarters and trains it. Then he visits a religious cleric that has a lot of followers in his dream and places that Lower Self in the cleric’s body. He kisses his forehead and says, ‘Now I am not needed.’


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