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Intishar e Ummat Ka Ilaj | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

Sayyidi Younus AlGohar reveals the permanent remedy to sectarianism and divisions in Islam in this mesmerising speech.


- When Prophet Mohammad came, it was the culmination of humanity. Exoterically speaking, Islam is similar to the other Abrahamic Faiths. But the esoteric aspects of Islam were so eminent that they were unequalled in human history; the greatest element being the ability to witness the divine splendour. Unfortunately, the greater the blessing from God, the greater the calamities attached with it. Muslims were never able to unanimously turn their attention to the fundamentals of Islam. They have been divided from the beginning.

- The reason Muslims have been divided from the beginning is because the immediate followers of Prophet Mohammad were not very obedient to him. Abu Hurrerah told the people of Medina, 'I have told you one type of knowledge, of Sharia. If I were to tell you about the other type of knowledge, you would finish me.' It is that very knowledge that we are presenting to people with the blessings of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. This is the type of knowledge which removes all divisions. Only the hearts of those who God wants to attain this knowledge will receive it.

- Spiritual knowledge tells you that the worship you perform physically will only last as long as your body is alive; when you die the worship dies with it. Whereas if you teach your soul to invoke upon God, that invocation will be everlasting because the life of the soul is everlasting.

- Prophet Mohammad said that a Satanic Jinn is born with every human being. Until we purify that Satanic Jinn (the Lower Self), our hearts, bodies and minds will remain under the control of the Satan. In order to understand Islam we will first have to free our minds, hearts and bodies from the grasp of the Devil. But the Devil has turned your attention elsewhere - he has you worried about keeping a beard or wearing a turban.

‘Do not follow those whose hearts I have kept heedless of my remembrance.’ - Koran 18:28

- You only recognise religious scholars based on what they say and preach. But how do you know if someone else's heart is heedless of God when you don't even know about yourself? You perform ablution and you recite a verse of the Koran and move correctly - and you think this is Salat. But Koran 107:4 says, ‘Destruction upon those who perform Salat without being aware of its reality.' The Koran has said that Salat is a worship that will stop you from immorality and bad deeds - why is your Salat not doing that for you? What is true Salat? It means your tongue verbally declares the truth, the body acts upon it and the heart affirms it.

The remedy is Prophet Mohammad's Advice:
'O Sons of Adam, there is a piece of flesh in your body. If it is reformed the entire body is reformed. If it is corrupted the entire body is corrupted. Remember well: it is your heart.'

- The reformation of the heart is in God's hands. This is why religious scholars do not embark on the path towards reforming the heart nor do they direct others towards it. They do not know how. God sends his agents to help you on the path, who he has given the keys to reforming the hearts: the saints. The saints’ spiritual concentration revives the heart in invocation of God’s name and purifies the Lower Self. Bring God's name into your heart. When God's name is synchronised in your heart, then divine energy will be generated and the control of the devil will start to be negated.

Koran 49:14: 'The Arabs say that they are Devout Believers. O Prophet Mohammad, tell them that they are not Devout Believers; rather they have become Muslims having accepted Islam. They will become Devout Believers when faith enters their hearts.’


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