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Ishq e Ilahi Kya Hai? | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

Sayyidi Younus AlGohar explains the reality of rapturous love and how God bestows his rapturous love upon some of his friends.


- Rapturous love isn’t to be seen in practicality in the world. When a person reaches the Station of Mehmood through spirituality, his Ana sees God. God’s body is so charismatic that the person feels a strong attraction to God - so strong that they feel like being completely annihilated in God. An extremely intensified bond of attraction forms. Some force from God will pull you and will always pull you. It is like you have been anchored by that bond of attraction. There is no example that can completely illustrate this. However, rapturous love is akin to being very hungry and then finally being served your favourite dish - when you finally have it, you leap towards it eagerly. Rapturous love is such a strong bond of attraction that you become bound by it. You always remain in remembrance of God. This is only developed once you see God.

- If the same attraction develops among any of God’s friends, they are known as Mashooq (beloved). The Aashiq (divine lovers) do not have that attraction - they are always in a state of unease. They cry in remembrance of God. God bestows upon some of his friends the type of attraction that is present in the Realm of Divine Oneness because he knows that not all human beings will be able to see him. So for such people, they obtain that rapturous love from their Spiritual Guide. Similarly, until one sees Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), they cannot be declared to be a divine lover of the Prophet (PBUH).

- In the past, on the Sufi path, ‘Romantic Love’ would be used by Spiritual Guides. They would check which of their disciples were destined for the path. They would tell the chosen disciple to fall in love with a woman. He would then weep in separation from that woman and when he would finally meet her, his love would intensify. Romantic love is purely platonic - those involved are in a long-distance love without physical contact. However, there was a pair of lovers in Punjab, Mirza and Sahiba, who crossed the limits of Romantic Love and tainted it with lust; after that, God stopped the system of Romantic Love in spirituality.


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