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Islah-e-Nafs | By HH Younus AlGohar

The rectification of the Carnal Self explained by HH Younus AlGohar.

Main points:

- When a baby is being delivered from the womb of the mother, at that moment, the angels bring forth the celestial and terrestrial spirits and insert it into the new born baby. Along with the angels, however, stands the Devil with his agent called the Subtlety of Carnal Self, and the baby cries upon its insertion.

- The Carnal Self is from the nation of Jinns. The diet of the Carnal Self is evil energy (Naar). The Koran states: The Carnal Self commands one to commit bad deeds. The religions were established and the entire Koran was revealed for the purification of the Carnal Self.

- God implemented fasting and other such austerities for the purgation of the Carnal Self. Physical worships and austerities may reform the Carnal Self but in order to rectify and purify it, one needs to adopt Spirituality.

- The process of purification of the Carnal Self begins when the Spiritual Guide makes a circle of Divine Light around the Carnal Self and it's supply of evil energy is stopped. The Spiritual Guide then feeds a bite of Divine Light to the Carnal Self and in order to stay alive the Carnal Self has to accept it.

- The Carnal Self is then told to recite the Kalima (Declaration of Faith) because it will constantly provide the Divine Light which it needs to stay alive and out of desperation the Carnal Self recites the Kalima: La Ilaha Ilallah Mohammad Rasool Allah.

- When the diet of the Carnal Self becomes Divine Light then the purification process is underway and the Carnal Self becomes a Lawamma from Ammarah, Ilhama from Lawama, and Mutmaina from Ilhama. However, the theophanies of God must befall you in order for you to reach the last stage of Mutmaina, otherwise it stays at Ilhama.

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