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Itteba e Sayedna Gohar Shahi: Hasool e Ishq e Ilahi | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

In this speech, Sayyidi Younus AlGohar explains how and why people of all religions can attain God's love by following His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi. He reveals exactly how Rapturous Love was obtained in the past and why the knowledge of seeing God used to be exclusively for Prophet Mohammad and those he shared it with. He discloses details about the unique relationship between Prophet Mohammad and HDE Gohar Shahi and how HDE Gohar Shahi has brought down God's Rapturous Love on Earth.

This video is Part 2 of the Bazaar of Prophet Mohammad series - a series of videos in which Sayyidi Younus AlGohar delves into the astonishing reality of Deedar-e-Ilahi (Witnessing the divine splendour) in the era of Imam Mehdi.


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