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Kisi Kalam Mein Noor Kab Aata Hai | By HH Younus AlGohar

HH Younus AlGohar responds to a viewer's question: When does Divine Light enter the words of someone?

Main Points:

- The function of the brain is to store memory. The mind, subconscious mind and the unconscious mind store memory in the brain. It does not have the ability to think. The subtlety through which we think is in our brain and it is called the Subtlety of Ana.

- Until the Subtlety of Ana is under the influence of the Devil, it will have evil layers on it thus your thoughts are impure. When Divine Light enters it then your thoughts will become pure. Whatever you are thinking of saying will come from the Subtlety of Ana.

- The ability to speak comes from another spirit called the Subtlety of Akhfah and it rests in the middle of the chest. When you speak, the thought first travels to the heart - which acts as a middle point and from the heart it goes to the Subtlety of Akhfah and then it is delivered through the tongue.

- When the thought or some knowledge comes to the heart and your heart is corrupted then anything that enters the heart is delivered onto the tongue as mischief. If the heart possesses Divine Light then when the thought hits the heart and it is delivered onto the tongue through the Akhfah, it will render Divine Light.

- A prophetic tradition narrates: Be aware of the ignorant scholar. The companions asked the prophet what this means and Prophet Mohammad explained that an ignorant scholar is one who is well-versed in the knowledge of the religion but his heart is dark (void of Divine Light). Hence, reciting the Koran with an enlightened heart is more important.

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