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Kiya Har Kalima Go Musalman Jannat Mein Jaye Ga? | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

Sayyidi Younus AlGohar answers the question: will all Muslims go to Paradise?

Main points:

- If everyone who verbally recites the Kalima (Motto) of Islam were to go to Paradise, why do clerics declare Yazid to be hell-bound when he also was a Muslim? Ibn Maljam, who martyred Moula Ali, was also a Muslim. The 10 000 Khwarijeen, 5000 of which were killed by Moula Ali, also recited the Kalima. The Antichrist will also be one who recites the Kalima.

- It is a huge misconception to think that after spending some time in hellfire for their wrongdoings, Muslims would eventually go to Paradise. In that case, what about the hypocrites mentioned in Surah Tauba of the Koran - will they also go to Paradise? Will Yazid? Will the people who blasphemed Prophet Mohammad and Abdul Qadir Jilani also enter Paradise? No.

- People think it is easy to go to Paradise. Only those will go to Paradise who God desires. God has said in the Koran, ‘I am the owner of the Day of Judgement.’ You won’t enter Paradise based on how much you worshipped. If one obtains salvation it will be through the blessings of God.


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