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Kiya Sihaba-e-Karam Bhi Gunahon Mein Mulawis Thay? | By HH Younus AlGohar

HH Younus AlGohar answers a viewer's question: Did the companions of Prophet Mohammad also sin?

Main points:

- Not everybody spent all their time in the company of Prophet Mohammad. Moula Ali was one who spent every waking moment with the prophet, the rest were engaged in other activities.

- There was a group of people that would spend all their time in worship, not caring about their hygiene and Prophet Mohammad was commanded by God to sit with them regardless of their appearance.

- If someone spent even a moment in the company of Prophet Mohammad in the state of faith they are considered to be a companion. Imagine the state of those who spent all their time with Prophet Mohammad. The companions who sinned were those who would occasionally spend time with the prophet.

- Those who spent the majority of their time with Prophet Mohammad were not only blessed with his physical company but also his spiritual company.

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