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Konsa Nasha Haram Hai? | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

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Sayyidi Younus AlGohar determines once and for all which substances the Koran actually prohibits and why.

Disclaimer: this video is not an endorsement of cigarettes or any other tobacco product. Cigarettes are detrimental to health and have been proven to cause cancer. If you consume any such substance, you alone are responsible for the consequences.


- The Koran only specifically mentions alcohol and gambling. It does not mention tobacco or tobacco-related products like Naswar or cigarettes because, at that time, tobacco had not yet been discovered.

'Do not perform Salat while intoxicated.' - Koran 4:43

- At first, God implemented a sort of relaxed restrictions on this matter. Then a time came when God strictly prohibited alcohol.

- Alcohol is forbidden but tobacco is not. This is because one does not lose one’s senses having consumed tobacco, whereas alcohol has a strong effect on one’s sensory system. If one drinks too much alcohol, then he experiences a total blackout - a period of time he is unable to recall. So it is a dangerous substance.

- Many of the Companions used to perform Salat and consume alcohol too because, for some time, it was not prohibited. So there was an incident whereby the Companions got together for a gathering and feast. They also drank alcohol at the time. After consuming alcohol, they performed Salat. The Companion leading their Salat recited a verse of the Koran wrong because he was intoxicated. So it was after it came to this point that God made the decision to ban alcohol completely.

- There is a purpose behind everything that God does. God places restrictions so as to limit the hurdles that come in your way on the path to God. This is so that your faith does not suffer. God doesn't enjoy interfering in your business unnecessarily.

- Sometimes, a person may turn to minor substances like cigarettes and Naswar as a way to relax and find peace in a life full of tension. But having consumed these drugs, his mind is still functioning just fine. There are many people whose minds work more efficiently once they smoke a cigarette. Smoking a cigarette does not affect your worship, except that it gives you bad breath. It also has detrimental effects on your health; the smoke enters the lungs so a cigarette smoker can end up with lung cancer. Naswar also has negative effects on one’s health. Nonetheless, neither of these is forbidden by Islam because they do not cause you to lose your senses.


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