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Kya Auliya Se Madad Mangna Jayez Hai? | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV


Sayyidi Younus AlGohar’s definitive answer in light of the Koran to a question that is hotly debated in the Islamic community: is it Shirk (appointing a partner with God) to seek help from the saints?


‘God is your Helper, Gabriel is your Helper, the Sauliheen and the Devout Believers are your Helpers and even the Archangels are your Helpers.’ - Koran 66:4

Ever since sectarianism has dominated Islam, the sects have projected various notions. Some say it is Shirk to seek help from the saints or Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). However, this verse of the Koran demonstrates that none of that is true.

The word used in this verse is ‘Moula’ which translates to ‘one who helps.’ Moula in Arabic and Ghous in Urdu mean the same thing.

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) isn't mentioned in this verse by name because when God says, ‘[That] God is your Helper,’ he is referring to the presence of God in Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). That God who resides in Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is your Helper according to Koran 66:4. If it were not for the word 'Hu (that)' in Arabic here, it would mean something else.

Do not for a moment believe that it is wrong or Shirk to seek help from the saints or the Sauliheen. This is the verdict given directly by the Koran.


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