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Kya Hazoor Pak (saw) Ke Walidain Musalman Thay? | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

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Were Prophet Mohammad’s parents Muslims, disbelievers, or something else? Sayyidi Younus AlGohar responds to statements made by religious clerics Tariq Jameel and Saqib Mustafayi, who made opposing statements on this subject.

Main points:

- According to Tariq Jameel, a Deobandi scholar - God forbid - Prophet Mohammad's parents are disbelievers. Saqib Mustafayi, a Sunni scholar, wrote, 'By the grace of God, Prophet Mohammad's parents were Muslims.' Both gave references to narrations along with their statements.

- Suppose Prophet Mohammad’s parents were disbelievers: so what? Abraham’s father was a polytheist - a disbeliever. Whether Prophet Mohammad's parents had a religion or not, whether they were disbelievers or people of God - how does any of this affect Prophet Mohammad himself? You have developed a double standard in your minds which is based on falsehood. Due to it, you have even more problems with your faith.

- Prophet Mohammad himself mentioned that Abraham was his ancestor. According to the Prophetic Traditions, the greatest form of benedictions is known as the Benedictions of Abraham (Durood-e-Ibrahimi). In it, we send salutations upon the progeny of Prophet Mohammad as well as Abraham and his progeny.

- How could Prophet Mohammad’s parents be Muslims, when Bibi Aminah died in Prophet Mohammad's youth? The truth is that Prophet Mohammad's parents were neither disbelievers nor Muslims. They followed Abraham's religion, Deen-e-Hanif.

- Making comparisons between different spiritual dignitaries is not good. Mother Mary is eminent in her own right. And for Prophet Mohammad's respected mother, the fact that she is Prophet Mohammad's mother is enough in terms of eminence.

- The name ‘Mohammad’ itself means ‘The One Who is Praised’. Before Prophet Mohammad's birth, Gabriel came to visit Bibi Aminah on many occasions. And Gabriel took a seed from the Tree of Light, mixed it in a white liquid and gave it to Bibi Aminah to consume. He told her that God wanted her to give birth to the Leader of Prophets. Bibi Aminah drank the liquid due to which she became pregnant.

- Per God’s policies, the reality of Prophet Mohammad had to be concealed. And in the case of Jesus, it was necessary to tell people that he is not the Son of Man. In both cases, people developed misconceptions.

- It does not suit any Muslim to raise fingers at Prophet Mohammad's respected mother or doubt the religion of Hazrat Abdullah (her husband). If you have any faith, you will lose it by doing this.


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