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Kya Murshid Gunahon Se Bachata Hai? | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

Do the Spiritual Guides save their disciples from sins? Do they give their disciples a license to sin?


- The subtleties in the breast relate to the five Grand Messengers. The Ana in the forehead relates to God. The Nafs (Lower Self) relates to the Devil. The body relates to the Spiritual Guide. Whichever subtlety is deprived of its respective relation is rendered useless.

- When you are born in the world, the Nafs has an established connection with the Devil already, therefore it dominates all the other subtleties in the body.

- The Spiritual Guide has all rights over your body. He can have you do anything, even chores in his house. While you do that, he engages your souls in worship and commemoration of God.

- The Spiritual Guide does not save you from sins. He stops you committing sins altogether by eliminating the desire to sin from within you. He purifies your Nafs, your eyes and your character.

- When Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani told his disciples that they could do anything without a worry, for he had far-reaching power - what he meant was that they could engage in any type of spiritual practice and he had enough power and authority to take them to their destination.


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