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Kya Murshid Se Gunah Ho Saktay Hain? | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

Can a Spiritual Guide appointed by God ever commit a sin? Sayyidi Younus AlGohar answers definitively.


- All of the Prophets and Messengers are infallible. They do not sin ever. In contrast, before a man is granted sainthood, he may commit sins; he only becomes free from sins when he becomes a saint.

- If a Spiritual Guide could fall prey to sinning, how would he guide the disciples? There is a time before being a saint when he could have sinned - because only the Prophets and Messengers are infallible. But when he has completed his spiritual training and become a saint, he no longer sins.

- Once the Lower Self is purified and has reached the stage of Mutmaina (Contented Self), it does not cause mischief anymore. When the Lower Self - the entity in the body that pushes one to sin - is purified, one becomes free from sins.

The Spiritual Guides who do sin are not true Spiritual Guides. They are impostors.


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