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Kya Rehbaniyat Islam Mein Haram Hai? | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV


Is Rehbaniyat (Hermitage) prohibited in Islam? If so, why?


- In simple terms, Rehbaniyat means 'Priesthood'. It relates exclusively to Judaism. The word Rabbi is derived from it. A Rabbi had to shun the world.

- A Mazhab (religion) only gives you teachings regarding your faith in God. A Deen (lifestyle) tells you how to connect with God and behave with others. Christianity an Judaism are Mazhab whereas Islam is a Deen. This is why those who became connected to God in Christianity and Judaism secluded themselves from the world - Rehbaniyat. But this was not the case in Islam.

- Rehbaniyat is to completely seclude oneself from the world permanently. In Sufism, aspirants temporarily to the jungle for 12 years' spiritual austerity - but they return to civilisation when the time period is over. Therefore, Sufis do not practise Rehbaniyat. It is similar to how a religious cleric spends 7 years in the madrassa to train for his post.

- There are three types of people who have completed the 12 years of spiritual austerity in the jungle: 1- Mufeed (Beneficial), 2- Mustafeez (Student), 3- Munfarid (Unique). A Mufeed is one who has witnessed the divine splendour and his intellect is intact; God appoints such a person on duty to serve humanity. Mustafeez are those who are earning spiritual benevolence and also rendering it. Munfarid are those who have such an intense relationship of rapturous love with God that they can no longer endure human company. God tells the Munfarid to stay in the jungle and not go back into the world.

- Prophet Mohammad, for the sake of solitude and to gain focus and concentration, would go to the Cave of Hira. He would stay there for three days at a time on certain occasions.


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