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Mansur Hallaj: Halool Aur Zam Mein Farq | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

Sayyidi Younus AlGohar answers the question from a viewer who asked, ‘What is Zam (Spiritual Infusion)?


- There is just a slight difference between Wahdat and Zam? Wahdat is akin to two individuals embracing each other (unity) whereas Zam is when the realities of both individuals to fuse together.

- The Stage of Wasl is when one of the sub-spirits of the heart is replaced with an entity from God. There are three sub-spirits of the heart which take up three separate chambers within the heart. According to God’s law, the sub-spirits have to be removed first in order for a divine entity to take its place in those God chooses.

- The heart is like a rotating wheel. It changes positions like clockwork. The position of the heart’s sub-spirits changes every so often. The voice of the sub-spirit which faces the Akhfah is heard when a person speaks. When the divine entity in the heart faces the Akhfah, God speaks through that person.

- When Mansoor Hallaj reached the stage of Wahdat, he got the impression that God had dissolved into him. However, this is not possible because God chose oneness for himself. What happened was that God spoke through him when the divine entity in his heart was positioned towards the Akhfah - and during that moment, he said, ‘I am God.’ After his spiritual state changed, he misinterpreted what had occurred and declared that God had dissolved in him. The thought that God and he had been merged in such a way was not possible and fell under the category of Shirk (appointing a partner with God). Mansoor Hallaj was a divine lover and accepted by God, but because of this incident, it was necessary that he be awarded punishment so as to deter any future imposters hoping to emulate Mansoor Hallaj in the future.

- Zam is when an individual from the Unseen World comes on Earth and places one of his Reflections in your body. When the Reflection enters the body, it annihilates all your subtleties and embraces your Main Soul. Then your Main Soul and the Reflection mix in such a way that the two become inseparable. The result is a being that can neither be called man nor God. Then when you speak, people will think it is the Lord who is speaking; when the Lord speaks through you, people will think it is you who is speaking. Once you go through Zam, you ‘die’ on paper and you will not go through the Day of Judgement or torment of the grave.


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