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Maqam e Mehmood Kya Hai? | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

What is Maqam-e-Mehmood (the Station of Mehmood) and who lives there? What is Bait ul Mamour?


- Mehmood is the name of Prophet Mohammad’s Subtlety of Ana. The place where it is stationed is known as Maqam-e-Mehmood or Haqiqat-e-Mohammadi. This is the location where everybody witnesses the divine splendour. Maqam-e-Mehmood is a viewing gallery - you cannot see God without Prophet Mohammad.

- The area it is located is known as Maqam-e-Wehdat (The Station of Amalgamation/Multiplication). This is where you see God, who is in Alam-e-Ahdiyat (Realm of Divine Oneness) and obtain unison with God.

- You will be associated with your Spiritual Guide only when the divine rope is attached from his heart to yours. A Perfect Spiritual Guide is one who has been to Maqam-e-Mehmood and can take you there as well. He takes out the drop of your reality and places it in the Ocean of Divine Union (Behr-e-Wehdat).

- His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi is the Spiritual Guide who is on Earth and the Moqam-e-Mehmood circumambulates Him.

‘And we have revealed it and we shall protect it.’ - Koran 15:9

- Sidra tul Muntaha is a tree at the edge of Alam-e-Jabrout (The Realm of Souls). There are trees relating to every Grand Messenger and their subtleties in Alam-e-Jabrout. Their subtleties are outfitted in the leaves from these special trees which are made from the names of God.

- The ‘Quran-e-Maknoon’ was reserved for Imam Mehdi.


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