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Meraj Ki Haqeeqat Aur Insaniyat ki Bebasi | By HH Younus AlGohar

His Holiness Younus AlGohar answers a viewer's questions about the true meaning of Meraj (Ascension): the Spiritual Meraj and the Perfect Meraj; the importance of a Spiritual Guide and the predetermined fate of mankind; the helplessness of the Devil.

Main Points:

- Meraj in Arabic means ladder; something which takes you from the bottom to the top. However, there are two types of Meraj. One Meraj (epitome) is the rank you are granted by God, which means to reach the highest point in Spirituality and the other Meraj is the actual Meraj (Ascension) which Prophet Mohammad carried out.

- Not everybody can reach meraj in spirituality and this is because of the assembly of souls in the Primordial Times. The souls were shown modelled luxuries of the world and the paradise by God and whichever option they leapt towards was written in their destiny. Some souls couldn't decide so their fate was suspended.

- The fate of human beings is predetermined by God. No messenger, prophet, saint or common person is able to make a decision on their own. Guidance will be granted to you if God has chosen you for guidance. For those who are chosen do not automatically find guidance, they must follow the rules and regulations of God: find the Perfect Spiritual Guide.

- A Perfect Spiritual Guide is one who has seen God. His Subtlety of Ana travels to the Throne of God, the image of God becomes absorbed in the Ana, from the Ana it becomes absorbed in the eyes and from the eyes it enters the heart. Such a person has now become the embodiment of God on Earth. The Spiritual Guide then teaches people the path of Spirituality and connects them with God.

- The Devil was disappointed because eminence was granted to human beings and he could never reach the calibre of a human being because he was from the nation of Jinns.

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