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Mohr-e-Mehdiyat Ka Raaz | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

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What is the nature of the Seal of Mehdihood upon Imam Mehdi’s back? How are people recognising Imam Mehdi today? Find out in this enlightening lecture by Sufi Scholar Younus AlGohar.

Main points:

- The Seal of Mehdihood (Mohr-e-Mehdiyat) on Imam Mehdi’s back will not be a birthmark nor will it be in ink.

- God’s method is spiritual - when your connection with God is established, when you converse with God and you see God, this is all done spiritually. Similarly, divine energy runs through the veins of Imam Mehdi. When God wishes, the divine energy will make the veins of Imam Mehdi prominent and they will form the Seal of Mehdihood upon Imam Mehdi’s back; rays of 7 colours will also emanate from it.

- Prophet Mohammad’s Seal of Prophethood was formed in this very way: through the veins. It was not etched into the skin and not everyone could see it.

- The Seal of Mehdihood is not the only evidence of Imam Mehdi’s rank. In order to recognise the true Imam Mehdi, we have to know why Imam Mehdi is supposed to come to the world.

- Muslims today think that the religion of Islam is complete and they know everything there is to know about the religion. They think that their fasting and worshipping is enough, but they lack the spiritual knowledge. Now, they worship out of greed of the damsels of paradise. People don’t worry about making their hearts obedient to God or travelling to the higher realms.

- It has been 400 years since a grand Sufi came. The Sufis taught the knowledge that would make people’s hearts obedient to God and their Carnal Selves servants of Prophet Mohammad. They were the ones who would change the Carnal Selves’ diets from Naar (negative energy) to Noor (divine energy).

- Imam Mehdi will teach people the spiritual chapter of Prophet Mohammad’s obedience. Imam Mehdi is the lawyer of human beings in God’s court: he will convince God to grant people his love, nearness and friendship despite their sins.

- Many people believe in and follow Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi; with his spiritual concentration He granted them a connection with God and changed their lives and characters. Their hearts, having received the divine benevolence, fully accept and believe in His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi.


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