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Sayyidi Younus AlGohar explains the three types of Devout Believers: Sahib-e-Zikar, Sahib-e-Tassawur and Sahib-e-Ism.


- A Sahib-e-Zikar is one who has the invocation of God's name synchronised with his heartbeats. This is the minimum requirement to be a Devout Believer.

- The rank of being a Sahib-e-Tassawur is greater than that of being a Sahib-e-Zikar. Such a person, along with the invocation in his heart, can successfully visualise God's name. The benefit of having both the invocation of God's name in his heart and being able to visualise God's name is that he has two means of producing divine energy. The divine energy is being produced from both the invocation of God's name and the visualisation of God's name.

'There are some people upon whose hearts faith has been inscribed.' - Koran 58:22

- This verse of the Koran is in reference to the Sahib-e-Ism. This is the highest rank of a Devout Believer. Their hearts are inscribed clearly with God's name by God. Some people have God's name written in white and others in gold in accordance with their rank.

- In his entire lifetime, a Sahib-e-Ism sees God's name inscribed on his heart three times. Once when he is granted the name of God. The second time he sees it is when he is at the brink of misguidance; then, suddenly, the Personal Name of God comes before him and he is saved from misguidance. The third time he sees it is when he is about to die; he dies while looking at the Personal Name of God.

- The meaning of God's Personal Name being inscribed in gold upon certain hearts is that such people will progress on to see God. And those who see God's Personal Name inscribed in white - this means that they will not go on to see God.


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