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Do you need permission from your Spiritual Guide to perform Muraqiba (Spiritual Journey)?


- You don’t just need permission from your Spiritual Guide to perform Muraqiba, but your souls must also be enlightened and capable of performing Muraqiba.

- Visualisation is not Muraqiba. If you visualise yourself roaming paradise, it doesn’t actually mean you have reached there.

- People in the West don’t know what spirituality really is or what Muraqiba is. The word, ‘Meditation’ doesn’t truly represent ‘Muraqiba’. The word ‘Muraqiba’ itself means ‘Radar’ but in actuality, Muraqiba is a Spiritual Journey in which your souls travel to the realms from which they hail.

- The souls serve as a radar for you - they travel through the realms and you see what happens through them. The Qalb (Spiritual Heart) reaches the Angelic Realm and the Rouh (Main Human Soul) reaches Bait ul Mamour in the Realm of Souls.

‘When you are finished with your duties for the day and night falls, sit down to perform Muraqiba. You will enjoy it the same as you did on the Night of Ascension.’ - Koran 94:7-8

- The Muraqiba tul Mout is the joint Muraqiba of the Rouh and Ana in which you go to witness the divine splendour. Ghous Pak (Abdul Qadir Jilani) would perform this Muraqiba in the jungle.

- You perform Muraqiba only in the initial stages. After your master your souls you simply have to think about where you want them to go and they will go there.

- Before performing Muraqiba, all seven of your subtleties have to be completely enlightened. The lowest level of Muraqiba is performed by the Qalb only after the purification of the Nafs (Lower Self).


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