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Sayyidi Younus AlGohar explains the difference between Nafs-e-Ammarah (Commanding Self), Nafs-e-Lawamma (Blameworthy Self) and Nafs-e-Mulhima (Inspired Self).


- Coming out of the state of the Commanding Self is crucial. People used to engage in loud chanting of the Motto of Faith after performing Salat; this would improve the state of their Lower Self, eventually bringing it into the state of the Blameworthy Self.

The Koran 12:53 says that the Commanding Self compels you to do bad.

- Even when you don't feel like sinning, if you have a Commanding Self, it will come under waves of passion during which you will be compelled to sin. If you have a Commanding Self, you feel content having sinned; this is a sign of recognition for the Commanding Self. You are content when you have troubled, harmed or hurt others.

- The sign of recognition for the Blameworthy Self is if one happens to sin, then he regrets it afterwards. He feels shame and blameworthiness. He thinks, 'I should not have done it.'

- One with an Inspired Self doesn't feel much of a craze or passion to sin. But sometimes the circumstances are such that they feel inclined to sin. He feels he is vulnerable in that moment. That is when, spiritually, he receives a message from his Spiritual Guide. He sees his Spiritual Guide's face and it saves him from sinning. An Inspired Self does not allow you to commit a sin. When the Spiritual Guide comes to know that his disciple is about to commit a sin, then the Spiritual Guide will send a message to the disciple and the invocation in their heart will speed up as a result. This is how they will be prevented from sinning.


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