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Namaz Qayam Kesay Hoti Hai? | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV


Sayyidi Younus AlGohar answers a viewer's question about how Salat is established. He also explains what God meant when he said that he was a Mussali.


- Three things are necessary for the establishment of the Salat: the declaration by the tongue, the act by the body and the affirmation by the heart. The declaration by the tongue negates disbelief. The body performs the act which negates Fisq. The heart affirms it which negates hypocrisy. The tongue recites the Koran, the body bows and prostrates and the Spiritual Heart generates divine energy. When the divine energy (which relates to God's attributes) resulting from these three things collectively is stored in the Spiritual Heart, this is the establishment of Salat.

- When a common person performs Salat, he is just like a laptop that only works when plugged into the charger. As soon as you unplug the charger, the laptop shuts off. As long as you were in the mosque, you appeared to be a Devout Believer. As soon as you left the mosque, you reverted to being a hypocrite. When the gates of the heart are open and the heart is engaged in the invocation, the divine energy from the Salat will be stored in the heart for a short period. After a brief time, the Spiritual Heart will send that divine energy towards God.

- If you are just a Devout Believer, then the divine energy from the Salat that is stored in your heart will be sent by your heart towards God. If you are a Mohqin, you will not send the divine energy of the Salat towards God. Rather the voice of the heart will be made more prominent and that voice will reach the next Empyrean of God.

- There are 7 Thrones of God, not just one. The voice of your heart would reach the corresponding Throne of God depending on how many sub-spirits of your heart have come out. The quality of your Salat depends on the rank of your heart and where your heart can obtain access to. Some people's Salat, like Moula Ali, would reach God directly. That is why Moula Ali heard God's reply while he performed Salat. If your Salat reaches a Throne of God, it is accepted by God and the culmination for you as a Devout Believer, however, it will not convert to the Salat of Rapturous Love. Your Salat becomes the Salat of Rapturous Love only when it collides with God - who is Rapturous Love itself. There are 100 different types of the Salat of Rapturous Love; the type of Salat Bulleh Shah performed was the lowest grade of the Salat of Rapturous Love.

- There is also another type of Salat in which one doesn't even perform Salat. Just as God said, 'Make mention of me and I will make mention of you,' similarly, God said, 'Become my Mussali and I shall become your Mussali.' This statement was for some special personalities. They reached a station where they pleased the Lord in such a way that when they perform Salat, it is not them performing it; it is the Lord who performs it. God's way of performing Salat is not by bowing or prostrating - he simply picks up their hearts and souls and kisses them. This is passive Salat which is accepted only when God performs it. When we recite Durood for Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), we don't actually send benedictions upon him ourselves; rather, we ask God to do so on our behalf because we don't know how to do it. Only God can perform it because it is done in the Realm of Divine Oneness, which no human being can enter. This Salat was for Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Abraham and Imam Mehdi.


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