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Pakistan India - Nafrat Ka Ilaj | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

DISCLAIMER: The video above is not in favour of any nation or country. We love all humanity equally. This video consists of a spiritual analysis and the solution to the current turbulent political climate in the Indian subcontinent.

A message from Sayyidi Younus AlGohar:

'We salute both flags. Make peace and love. War is not a solution; dialogue is the ultimate solution. India and Pakistan are better off being friends, not enemies. First, we are human beings then Muslims and Hindus. Spread love, curb hatred. Wipe out terrorism.

'The Pakistani nation also is a victim of Islamist terrorism. India ought to seek a solution through dialogue. Only combined, India and Pakistan can defeat Islamist terrorism!

'Falling prey to the Ego, thus indulging in hatred, is self-accomplishing. Hence, many people opt for it. Exercising and manifesting love requires the sacrifice of the Ego and Self. No wonder people only verbalise love and don't practise it! India and Pakistan ought to lower their false pride and Ego - and let their masses love each other.'


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