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Peshangoyi Ki Haqeeqat | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

Sayyidi Younus AlGohar answers a viewer's question about the prophecies mentioned in the Prophetic Traditions.


- Prophecies can be left unfulfilled because God can change his plans any time.

- God has abolished the verses of the Quran which he revealed originally, let alone the prophecies mentioned in the Prophetic Traditions.

- People say that according to Prophetic Traditions, Imam Mehdi would speak Arabic. Arabic is not God's language, it was the language of the nation to whom Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was sent. Similarly, Imam Mehdi is not bound to any predictions made in any Prophetic Tradition.

- It rests upon God's will and accord what ultimately happens, in spite of what may be predicted in the Prophetic Traditions.

- Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was given to see the future up until the 14th century Hijri, whereas we are now in the 15th century.


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