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Qawwali Aur Sama Mein Farq | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

Sayyidi Younus AlGohar explains the difference between a Qawwali and a Sama.

Main points:

⁃ A Qawwali is technically a Sama as it is sung with melody, but it originated from the Chishti Sufi Order which traces its roots to Ali. They would sing the saying of Ali and call it Qoul-e-Ali which evolved into Qawwali. A schema was made for Qawwalis stating that there should be a harmonium, a tabla and a chorus too.

⁃ In the past, it was only with the Spiritual Mediator's permission that people were allowed to become Qawwalists. Their hearts and Lower Selves had to be enlightened. When they sang, love sat in peoples’ hearts.

⁃ Fakirs and novice seekers of the Sufi path are advised not to listen to the Sama or Qawwalis. This is because they may mistake the emotions they feel as a result of the music as being their own, genuine, love for God.

⁃ Nevetheless, Qawwalis are allowed in Islam. It is the Prophets’ names being sung in music, so music is also allowed. If the music promoted indecency and immorality, it would not be allowed.


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