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Rizq Ke Liye Allah Ka Zikar? | HH Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV

Sayyidi Younus AlGohar explains whether or not one can invoke upon God’s name during a financial crisis.


- One of the Ten Commandments God sent to Moses was, ’Thou shalt not taketh the Lord’s name in vain.’ If you take God's name but the divine energy of God's name does not enter your heart, then you have taken his name in vain.

- God did not grant the followers of Abraham his name. This is why in Aramaic, they call God Yahweh (I am). In reply to Abraham asking him his name, God said, 'I am what I am.' God didn’t tell him the name because the power of that particular name of God which would enter the soul had not been granted as part of Prophet Abraham’s prophethood. So if people had been given to take God’s name verbally, it would be taken in vain. The Jews were told that the Moshiach, the Messiah, would come and grant them the new of God.

- The Muslims were given the Personal Name of God through Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Those who obtained it became part of the Muslim Nation and those who didn’t simply wander here and there. The problem with Muslims is they cannot agree on the fact that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) saw God, let alone wrap their heads around the idea that they could potentially see God too.

- It is commonly believed that Bibi Aisha said, ‘Whoever says Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) saw God has placed an allegation upon him.’ I carried out an investigation in the esoteric realm; Bibi Aisha came and said, ‘I never said this. I never talked about whether or not Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) saw God.’

- The only thing she actually said on this matter was, ‘Moses would have to use to cover his face following his conversations with God on Mount Sinai. O’ Messenger of God, you have seen God but I don’t see that same intensity upon your face.’ While she was saying this, a theophany emanated from Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’s face and Bibi Aisha fell unconscious.

- So Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) grant the Muslim Nation the Personal Name of God. However if they don’t reap its spiritual benefits, what makes them greater than other nations? Therefore it is best to use the Personal Name of God to further one’s spiritual goals rather than bother with any financial crisis. When you do this then you financial crises will solve themselves.

‘Woe and destruction upon the worshippers who offer Salat and yet are unaware of its reality.’ - Koran 107:4-7

- To take God’s name without it’s divine energy entering the heart is a waste. Similarly, if you worship but your heart remains dark, then you are deceiving the world by presenting yourself to be a worshipper. This makes you a culprit in the eyes of God.


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